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What a blast it is this time of year, minus the MUGGY air!! It’s OTTAWA BLUESFEST time!! The musicians that get hired are amazing. I have been trekking into Ottawa via Wakefield for almost a week, and every day so far, there have been gems galore!! Watching some old favourites and being introduced to some new ones has been keeping the fire STOKED within!! I have been rehearsing with a full band for my Friday Night appearance this year at the festival, and I am feeling GREAT about it. We are subtly rocking it out!! Perfect! The festival is along the Ottawa River, so there is usually a nice breeze, and the sun sets are amazing over there… but the sun is so HOT!!! For the first time, I used “spray from a can” sunscreen.. it’s the BEST for this pale skin… didn’t let any sun through, but it does feel a bit like an extra layer of skin!! As for Friday, there will be a FREE bus leaving from Wakefield to take all those country bumpkins into the city… should be a great ride… I’ll let you know all about it. In the meantime, get refreshed and find some water to jump into!! That’s where I’ll be….

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Author: Lindsay

Lindsay Ferguson has a voice that evokes spine-tingling feeling, creative passion & powerful strength. She has been singing since the wee age of 2yrs & has been honing her craft ever since. Taking time to write soulful songs through travel & experience, from Ontario to Newfoundland, Switzerland to Bermuda, Ireland to California, Lindsay sings & performs like she means it with a drive that will take her to the stars. Her true Love -music- takes her everywhere (as long as the van doesn't break down...) She has finished recording her debut full length album "sound." with Dave Draves of Little Bullhorn Studios in Ottawa (Kathleen Edwards, Jim Bryson, Howe Gelb.) Her CD Release party at The Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield Quebec, had record attendance, beating out Arcade Fire no less!! She has performed & played festivals of all sorts, including the Ottawa Blues Festival, one of the biggest in North America. Showcased on CBC's "Bandwidth" & "Definitely Not the Opera", Lindsay's music is finally being heard across Canada. Sometimes she is a solo singer with a guitar a "Songstress Extra-Ordinaire & sometimes she rocks & funks it out with her band "Lindsay Live". Listen up for this killer voice, she is in the process of kicking butt & will kick yours, as soon as you are ready. check out more stuff by going to

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