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January 12, 2015
by Lindsay

Hello 2015 !!!

Has it really been so long since my last post?

I have to ask myself what stops me from writing down my thoughts when I have so many.

Maybe my own ideas get trapped inside all those others that I read every day, day in day out.

I am just a soul drifter, much the same as you.

With all the pain and sorrow that is written all over our  “news” feeds, there just has to be a way to let that hostility go and instead, learn to soak in the abundance of grace.

I find it  in the whisper of the trees and in the deluge of music. Where do you find it?

Most recently I haven’t really been creating too many finished songs. That said, I did just finish one which is half Berne-Deutsch and half English. With the help of my husband for the translation, the people seem to really like it over here in Switzerland. There are many dialects of Swiss German and to be sure, not much of it resembles German, or High German as they call it here. I am learning some Swiss German, bit by bit, but mostly I hear Berne-Deutsch, which is the dialect that is spoken where I live. For an example, in Luzern, which is just two hours away, the people will have trouble distinguishing some of the words they use in this part of Switzerland (Bern.) It makes for an interesting new language to learn. I quite enjoy the reaction of the people when I start singing my latest tune. For once (in my set) they understand every word without a second thought.

Nope, these days, musically, I am pretty caught up in the release of my newest Labour of Love “Chameleon” my third album. Currently I am in the “Album Cover Design” section and the”Cross Canada Tour Booking” sescton.

Very recently I joined with Broken Jukebox Media to help release the record. I am thrilled to have a team behind (beside) me this time around.

I was introduced to Broken Jukebox via my Producer, Brock Zeman who is also a very busy and talented performer. Brock helped me with this record in a million ways. We are going to get this out and make some waves, I am sure. So far, the reviews have been close to 100% positive, which feels SO good!!

So, with that, I will say, Happy January 2015 and I will do my very best to keep you posted on how it is all going.
Thanks for reading, thanks for your support….

Love Lindsay xo

October 23, 2014
by Lindsay

Waxing Poetic

As I watch the steam rise from the shingles through the window from the top floor and I see the sun through the clouds, I am thankful.

What a beautiful world we live in. Sometimes it is hard to see it that way, but, when it is as obvious as an Autumn day in October, one simply can’t not see it.

Lucky for me, I have eyes that see, hands that feel, legs that carry me, arms that hold, ears that listen and the intuitive notion of one foot in front of the other.

No.  It isn’t always simple to keep your chin up and face forward. Life throws curve balls, and I am no baseball player.

Reminding myself to be thankful for what I have, being thankful for what I have, thankful, for what I have.

As I grow up, become a little wiser, I keep my heart open. Bad gets in. Good gets in. Oh the sweet roller-coaster f life. Every morning a new one.

We as a whole, we are fortunate, able to share our ideas, dreams, wisdom,  with a touch of a button.

Profound that you in Bermuda, you in Canada, you in Ireland, you in Peru… You can read the ponder-in-wonder thoughts from anywhere else in the world.

Breathe. Alive. Sight. Sound. Light. Love



November 7th ~House Concert~ Wabern

November 28th ~House Concert~Rumendingen

December 6th Luzern ~Hotel Schweizerhof~ 7pm (ex-pat Christmas Party, an apero set)

December 10th Zurich ~Kafi Für Dich~ 8pm (Song-writer Circle feat. RYKKA & Timothy Jaromir)

December 11th Luzern ~Bärfuesser/Hörbar~8pm (Night of original music feat. ME!!)

January 6th Villars at Eurotel

Feb. 13th Bern at Prima Luna

May 23rd CD RELEASE at The Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield Quebec


September 22, 2014
by Lindsay

NEW Acoustic video for CHAMELEON

Here it is!

I had the chance to record an acoustic video for the title track of my latest (not yet released) record “Chameleon.”

My friend and photographer/videographer David Irvine of Red Boler Videos recorded this tune up in his studio in Wakefield Quebec. The sun was just right and the acoustics were a fine fit in the 1870 year old building.

Hope you enjoy it, and share it if you will :)

September 5, 2014
by Lindsay

Lindsay GIGS

Hey fine folks of the world who read these little black letters…

Perhaps you are near-by to one of these places in which I will be singing for you??

(Okay, I sing for me too!)

Saturday September 6th – Wakefield, Wakefield Market from about 10am-12pm

Saturday September 6th – Deep River, Yacht & Tennis Club 8pm

Saturday September 13th – Prince Edward County, ON, Active Arts Studio, 8pm

Thursday September 18th – Wakefield, Black Sheep Inn 8pm (with Valerie Gore)

Very happy to be playing some music!! I will be sharing some songs from my newest album too, although the album itself is not ready to be sold yet,  I can take pre-orders for sure :)

Lindsay xo

August 20, 2014
by Lindsay

Listen to Your Gut

I Love to write. Being creative with words, stringing sentences together turning little black lines into something you can see and or think about is quite something. Finding a topic to write about when life has been good to you, now therein lies the challenge. Writing about pain is so very easy, even therapeutic, but (as I look up to the stars) I thank my lucky stars that I am not in the throws of pain at this very moment… but let me tell you, I suffered for years.


I didn’t find my one true Love until I was in my early 30’s. Obviously I, being a Lover of Love, had to do a lot of research to find the right guy. My first boyfriend came into my life when I was sixteen years old, so believe me when I say I tried and tried again.


Today I am going to share a few little tidbits of (powerful) information that I have learned about human interaction (with regards to relationships, more specifically.) Firstly, let me tell you that I did it wrong for YEARS. I chose the wrong guy after the wrong guy after the wrong guy, and just when I said, I will take a year off to set things straight, to try to figure out what is RIGHT; I came back in full swing, choosing the wrong guy after the wrong guy after the wrong guy.


When they don’t call you shortly after your first meeting, they DID NOT lose your number. So do NOT text them! Wait for them to text you (call you, facebook you etc etc) ~seriously, I hear some of you saying but why is it up to the guy to call?? because, Dear, YOU are into them, clearly, and you want them to be into you and they have to want to come to you. If they are into YOU, they will call. Let them call! And, warning, if they choose to call you, text you, facebook you late at night, then they are not interested in your soul, they are interested in having fun (which does not have to be a bad thing but if you are anything like me, there is a small seed of hope when that message comes in, or when you spend that second night together, a seed that you hope starts sprouting into Love.) One thing that is also very, very important, is listening to your gutt, or that wee voice that usually comes in as a whisper of doubt. Did you happen to hear something that sounded like a) Umm, this guy is WAY too hot, this is not gonna work or b) Ummm, this guy has a lazy eye, it kind of freaks me out or c) This guy talks about himself a lot, and really hasn’t asked me any questions… but heck is he ever cute…. (okay, you get my drift and now I know that if there were doubts right from the start then this is NOT “the” guy.) When I think back to my “boyfriends” (some of whom I like to think actually were my boyfriends, but they were NOT) I can see that there was always a whisper of a doubt. Like, this guy has too much baggage (kids + crazy ex, mental issues) or this guy snorts/spits too much or this guy still lives with his parents. Too many red flags, but I busted through them with one big helping of HOPE in every case. Unfortunately, it took me years to start hearing that whisper.


So, here we are a few weeks/months in (with the wrong guy.) Shoot! He keeps coming home drunk and last week he peed in the corner of the bedroom, and last night he peed in the bed!! Of course he was sorry the next day and made you your favourite pancakes. (On a side note, this person could also be a girl, but my experiences include the male gender. All types of people can be lost and not ready to be in a relationship with you.) So how about the guy who calls you a bitch or something worse? Thankfully I came from a home where name-calling was not an option, which in turn is something I will not stand for, nor should you! Also, if he cheats on you, he is not that into you. If you take him back after cheating, he might do it again, and come on, would you REALLY ever trust him again?? What does your gutt say?


I could go on and on about what not to do, hindsight is 20/20 right??? All these heart-breaking experiences have led me into finally do the right thing, so there’s that. I don’t have any regrets, but if I can help one person get out of a situation that they know DEEP DOWN they should NOT be in, then I have done something good and right. If it smells good, looks good and feels good, then it is good.


Luckily I can syphon all my pain through music. If you listen to my music you will hear many examples of this. These days, of course problems still arise, but I feel it in my gutt that I made the right decision by marrying a man who Loves me to bits, never calls me names and always pees in the toilet (or in the field behind the house.) We have our ups and downs, living with someone can feel like riding a roller coaster at times (humans are moody and emotional, right?) but every fibre of my being sways towards Love when I think of him. It took me long enough.

“The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.”
Ernest Hemingway

July 14, 2014
by Lindsay

Thoughts on Summer and a Strange Thing Called Love

Lately I have been wearing my galoshes while I hike. Seeing as the rain has been coming in large waves, daily, I need these “wellies” to keep my feet warm and dry. It makes for an extra special type hike, as I can go virtually anywhere, through puddles, across streams and over riverbeds. I can go places I would never go in running shoes/hiking boots (for fear of getting a soaker!!) In fact, I am reminded of my younger days, when I would play outside in the rain, sloshing through the trenches, pretending I was a character right out of a viking fairy-tale. In more recent years, going outside in the rain wasn’t something I took pleasure in, in fact it was the greatest excuse to NOT have to go outside at all… It’s raining, I will get wet! But life in a forest is absolutely beautiful under showers, everything shimmers and the shades of colour are splendid! The canopy of trees prevent you from getting too wet, oh and an umbrella helps :) This past weekend, we decided to go camping, in the rain. Perhaps that was pushing the boundaries a little too far, but we did get a fire started and cooked a nice supper in it’s heat. Hopefully the next camping trip will involve the sun, but it was a learning experience, out there in the fresh air, under the tarp and the cacophony of sound from the rain drops. On a side note, there are virtually no bugs here, but just in case, I made up some natural bug-spray to keep them away mixing two tablespoons of almond oil, ten drops of Eucalyptus oil, ten drops of Lemongrass oil, a teaspoon of alcohol and a couple tablespoons of water… Not only does it smell good but it feels good too and you don’t need much. Actually, since starting a garden (our first) I have been diving into the art of home-made stuffs. While I have always liked creating pieces of art through jewelry and song, I never really took to making healing teas or balms/salves, all concocted from nature itself. It is a wonderful feeling, going out and picking herbs, petals, leaves etc and creating something else, something that helps the skin/soul/heart and more. We are very lucky to live where we do (in BOTH countries, between Canada and Switzerland) we have chosen to live outside of city life, only a half hour drive away from the big city. Both places are very different, but in both places, fresh water and fresh air are plentiful. Here, in CH we have many fruit trees and you can see them all spouting their fruits, but most won’t be ready until Autumn (hazelnuts, walnuts, apples, pears and plums) some are almost ready (BLUBERRIES!) and some we are putting into salad on a daily basis (RASPBERRIES!!) It is a bit of heaven here, for certain, and it all sounds so healthy, BUT once you taste the fresh bread and the Swiss cheese, those fancy fruity ideas go out the window… I can not say no! My Grandmother used to say everything in moderation… and I am working on it ;)

In other news, I would like to share with you a video we made a few weeks back when I was in Zurich for a concert! The video was shot on the banks of the Sihl River by The Automatic Film Maker, a.k.a Steve Ellington  The song is called “Apologies,” written through the eyes of a friend, not yet ready to Love. I believe one can only truly Love someone when they can find a way to Love themself. Sometimes a person has to take some time away from relationships to find out their true sense of Self. On more than one occasion I see people trying to find out who they are, while they are in a stagnant/contrary relationship (a true remedy for a break up!) and this is not a place in which one can blossom into who they are supposed to be. If you are reading this, and are at a cross-roads or at a loss, perhaps this song will inspire you. I try to write songs that speak to the people and the one thing that we all have in common, is choosing the wrong people for the right reasons. Many many many times I myself have tried to breakthrough the unbreakable. My songs come from my own life experience as well as the lives living around me. “Apologies” was born through my understanding of what it feels like to be confused in the uncertainty of  HOW to Love, in turn, how to BE Loved. Certainly, I have been there, as have most of us! (on a side note, I am happily married now… Love takes time but when it arrives, there are NO questions on what it is! It’s true what they say “You Just Know.”)

Without further ado: APOLOGIES (solo guitar voice version)

This song will be featured on my newest record as well (in FULL BAND style!)

We are still working on the album, tweaking some of the mixes and it still has yet to be mastered, but it is coming, and I am really looking forward to sharing it with you.


Lindsay xo

June 5, 2014
by Lindsay

This Canadian’s Swiss Life

This Canadians angle on living in the countryside of Switzerland ( i.e please note that the things I have written here are from my perspective and might be entirely different elsewhere in this Lovely country.)

So here I am, in my Swiss home (I live half time in Switzerland with my Swiss husband, and the other half we live in the quaint village of Wakefield, Quebec.) We have been here for a few weeks now, enjoying the nature, fresh air, great food and his wonderful family. It is a piece of paradise here, we have sheep grazing in the fields around our house and there is a fresh water spring right outside our front door. Things are, of course, a little different here, as one would expect, but nothing too ‘far fetched’ that I can’t get accustomed to. For instance, we shop for groceries alMOST on a daily basis, our fridge is just a smidgen larger than a bar fridge that you might find in a Canadian hotel. I actually don’t mind the smaller space, I suppose if our household held more than two people, it would be a different story. I could also tell you about how on Sundays, even the ‘not-so-devotional’ take a break and rest. One can not make really loud noises on a Sunday i.e chainsaw, mow the lawn etc. Oh and our chimney is cleaned TWICE a year over here and if they find any metal in there i.e a nail from a board, there will be fined! People here are very concerned about how their lawn/house looks. You will very rarely see a house that has junk around it and almost always see flower boxes filled to the brim around all the windows and the gardens are spectacular. Many folks around here grow food, in fact we planted our very first garden together this year and all from seed!! We have all types of deliciousness growing; broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, pumpkins, celery, zucchini, egg plant, radishes…. So much!! (who is to say if any will bear fruit as we may have started it all a little late?) Oh, and here, the main culprit against anything growing is NOT deer/animals looking for a snack (like in Canada) but snails and slugs!! They are everywhere… We have been saving all our used-up coffee grinds as they are supposed to fend of the little guys… Seems to be working (a little) but we are always finding them around. Some people say to put hair around the plants but I just can’t. Perhaps I have watched too many episodes of The Walking Dead. No hair in my garden *shudder*  On the bus here (mainly in the country, as opposed to big cities) you say hello to the driver and the people on the bus, and when you get off, you thank the driver and say ‘have a nice day.’ My Swiss German is getting better, I can now say all of that ;) Here, they say ‘Hallo zäma’ or ‘Grüezi Mitenand’ which basically means ‘Hello Together’ (you never say zäma or mitenand when there is just one person.) Indeed, there are many things to learn over here, especially in the language department, but I can ‘get by.’ I know the giggles come from the fact I say things differently, but everyone now knows what I am talking about (when I need them to!) which is SOMEthing, right?? And we use our hands a LOT.

I Love my little life up here, out here, and I have to say, I am a healthier person while living here. There are not nearly as many options for junk food (there are two main flavours of potato chips here; Regular and Paprika -which tastes faintly of our BBQ version- you can get Salt ‘n Vinegar in some places, and and a few other types but most of those ‘specialty’ brands are too expensive and you get very little. Nacho chips are also few and far between definitely no Tostitos or Doritos (how I miss the Zesty Cheese!!) There are no fast food restaurants anywhere near-by, so we have to cook!! While over yonder, in Wakefield, the options to eat out are simply endless.. I think there are at least fifteen places with tantalizing food options (okay, Tim Horton’s not so much.) I do miss the easiness of life over there, some nights I have no idea what to prepare and am SO bored of my options (I just want a poutine!!) Some days I wish someone else would do it for me (Pizza delivery??) but mostly I am okay with it. Any type of food product that has anything to do with cream/milk is simply the BEST over here though. One of the famous desserts here is the combination of Ice Cream, Whipped Cream and Meringue. Oh my god. Yum. The bread here is unreal too. Many people that I have known with a bread allergy can eat it over here. It must be the lack of shit they spray on the wheat fields, who knows, but no tummy aches from eating it. You can buy freshly baked bread at all the grocery stores, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. It is so darn good! Take that bread, add a little Gruyere cheese and a glass of red wine and you have the perfect meal. Well, a perfect starter, anyway. (is anyone else getting hungry??)

People here are also wonderful, once you make the effort to get to know one, that is. If you have the courage to speak with someone (first,) you will generally get warmth in return, maybe even an invite to dinner (being a foreigner has its perks!) I have heard it said that the Swiss are ‘prudish, straight-laced,’ but in reality, the people here are just a little more respectful of privacy and mindful. I would also say generous. If you make a friend here, you will have them for life, there is a great sense of loyalty in a friendship here. I would never put the term ‘wishy-washy’ alongside Swiss. There are definitely a LOT of rules here though. Possibly because the country is so small, but almost everything has to be accounted for. If you want a dog, you have to take a six month course on how to be a good dog parent, i.e you must get a license. If you want to burn some brush in your field, you have to get in touch with the forest ranger in your area for permission. If a law is to be changed, the country is sent info about it in the mail, with voting cards, and everyone votes on it. Decisions are not made by one head man in power. The people here have a voice and they use it. Oh and recycling is amazing. There is a spot in every village/town and in various places across cities where you can put your recycling. A separate box for white glass, brown glass, green glass and a spot for all metals. The plastics get put in a container at your grocery store. There is actually a nice rhythm to it all, even if a little meticulous. I think many places around the world could learn a lot about how things can be done in a more reliable manner. Some rules I would scrap, of course, but many, I can live with!!

For now I am happy here, but always, no matter what, a small part of me is missing my Canadian life… just like while I am in Canada, a small part of me longs for Switzerland.

You just can’t have it all :)

Hugs in the interim,

Lindsay xo

May 13, 2014
by Lindsay

Nature Heals.

It’s cold and grey outside; May showers rain on May flowers. Under a grey sky, every colour pops out so much brighter, the greens are so lush now and the land is dotted with various petal shades.  It was a ‘no brainer’ to collect a bouquet rather than to buy one for Mother’s Day. I mean WOW! The beauty of it all. Some of it is even edible, did you know that you can put those baby daisies in your salad?? Finding out these special little clues about life make me want to find out more! My Great-Grandfather, Dr. Hans Güssow was a Dr. of Botany and I can’t help but wonder if some of my curiosity comes from his? I see more and more about edible “weeds” that we just pull out and dispose of. I remember while I was in Halifax, a friend of mine got  ‘skin burn,’ from dancing Capoeira, and he cured it completely just by chewing up some green leaves (what were they?) until they kind of came together as a mesh, then placing them on his wound. The next day the huge red raw piece of skin was entirely back to normal. Healing teas are also something I could concoct from the different flowers around these parts. I collected (and dried) an entire jar of teeny-tiny yellow blooms (they call them “Schlüssel Blühmli” -key flowers- here and I just googled to find out the English name which is “Cowslip”) Anyway, these blooms are great for healing a cough. Amazing, right? All outside, for free.

Speaking of  outside… I joined Canada’s 30×30 Nature Challenge http://30× which means getting outside every day for thirty minutes. Luckily for me, there is a complex map of trails around where I live so there is never a dull moment out there (and my time outside is always longer than thirty minutes!) “They” say that if you start a new way of life, it takes approximately twenty-one days for it to become a habit (ooh, I just googled that and apparently it’s a myth! Oops!) Well, whatever, I would LOVE to be able to continue the “challenge” past the 30 day mark. It feels so good to get out for a dose of self-Love and fresh air… good for all of the senses too, especially at this time of year with the fragrant pockets of air that magically just appear. Some days though, you just want to stay inside and do the house-hold stuffs or stay attached to your guitar or keep on at the computer aspect of your job or whatever… but every time I get home from an excursion I feel better. Every time. It’s like that voice inside your head says “No, I don’t wanna go!!” but you fight it and then later, that same voice says “Phew! So glad I went and I feel so much better!” Every time. So, if you are feeling uninspired today, just head out for a walk or a hop or a roll (perhaps you are on crutches or in a wheel-chair?) I promise you will feel more clear-headed and fresh for it. Office types could just head out at lunch… Where there is a will, there is a way!! Go outside, find yours :)

p.s I am posting daily photos on twitter and if you’d like to see them, follow me!


Nature Heals.

Love, Lindsay xo


May 3, 2014
by Lindsay

Health Music Love Food

In no particular order, I suppose these are four of the most important things in my life.

How bout you?

What are your top FOUR???

I just signed up for the #30x30Challenge via the David Suzuki Foundation. Here is the link http://30× Basically, it is to get people more involved in the “Nature of  Things.” What a smart thing to do, get people across Canada (or wherever!) to sign up for a daily dose of outside stuffs. Sometimes things are just easier to accomplish when you know other people are doing it with you. I wish I could MAKE MYSELF get out into nature daily, for thirty minutes or more, but I find myself doing other indoor type things and the day is gone when I finally decide to make the ‘outside stuffs’ happen… I am certain I am not the only one, so I truly welcome this challenge. If you want to get involved it is never too late, just click on the link. If you are interested in following me and my journey, I will be posting photos daily on my Instagram photo site so come follow me!! I will also be forwarding those posts to … Long live healthy doses of HEALTH!! Oh, also, in other HEALTH news, I quit eating chocolate for the month and living in Switzerland does not make this easy… Dang! But, I can do it!!

Onto music news….

Well the new album is rolling along smoothly and it is great, if I do say so myself!! It’s funny and strange, but every time I get a mix sent to me, I get shivers from hearing it. This is not the norm, as I am usually sick of me after the recording process, but seeing as I let go of a lot of the creative control, putting it into the hands of my producer, Brock Zeman who added Blair Hogan to the mix, the new tunes are sounding fantastic. Even my Dad likes them, saying  they are radio worthy!! How exciting??? (On a side note, Dad used to work in the radio industry, as a news/weather man, so, well, HE KNOWS ;) ) Haaha… Yes, I am thrilled and look forward to the day when the whole project comes together, and of course when it can be sent to YOUR ears :)

In the meantime, I am living in Switzerland these days (hence the chocolate issues) and have a few gigs coming up here. Lately I have been a fan of house concerts. This type of concert is fast becoming popular in North America but only just getting started here in the land of Chocolate and Cheese. So tonight I make my debut performance in someones home in Wichtrach, CH. Last weekend I was in Bern city, singing in the privacy of one’s living room… It was quite special and I wrote blog about it over on my Facebook fan page, you can read it here While, I LOVE performing in fantastic venues, there are a shortage of fantastic venues. What is a fantastic venue? How about one that holds attentive listeners? My performance is SO.MUCH.BETTER when I have the attention of the people. Some of you might say “Well, it’s up to the performer to grab the listener’s attention!” I will not dispute that, BUT when there are T.V’s on in the back showing sports games, and people sitting at the bar who didn’t buy tickets, and are not there for the music, one must compete with conversation which is hard. See, most venues are TWO things… A place to go see music and a place to let loose after work. Some places are known for their music i.e The Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield Quebec where people DO go to listen, even if there is a T.V on playing sports, as there IS an exception to every rule… but a living room concert is a wonderful place to unleash an artistic performance. They are SUPER easy to organize, as well. No stress!! Just a fun, intimate party with nibblies, wine and songs. Book one today ;)

Soon I will be singing in Luzern, and Zurich too. You can find the list of gigs at the end of this message.

Love sweet Love.

It is extremely helpful to have it in your life and I am extremely blessed to have found it…. People ask me “But now that you have found Love, where will all the torturous songs come from??” Well, thank GOODness I have lots of friends who experience torturous Love-fails, plus I have enough of my own experience on the back burners to call upon if needed. Of course the occasional LOVE song isn’t so bad, is it???? Ha!


Mmmmmmmm FOOD.

I have been a foodie for as long as I can remember…. But only now, am I a cook. I was in the service industry for SO many years that I just ate at work or ate out… But since finding a partner-in-crime, I find cooking so much more enjoyable.  Working for chefs for SO many years, I must have caught on to how to do it right… (at least that’s what my hubby says ;) ) We started our first vegetable garden this Spring… I simply can NOT wait to get my hands on the veggies that I grew, Loved and tended to mySELF!! Yes, sometimes the small things are the BIG things!! Imagine, me a green thumb. Lucky for me I have a helper in my hubby… We have sunflowers, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, and more! Grow a garden, folks!

SO that is my blog today. I have given you LOTS of links, and ideas, I hope…

Here are some up and coming gigs  :)

May 3rd Wichtrach House Concert w Daniel Sigrist

May 4th Luzern Hotel National

May 6th Zurich Café Henrici

May 9th Aeschiried House Concert w Daniel Sigrist

May 17th Winterthur House Concert w Timothy Jaromir and RYKKA

May 24th Zurich House Concert w Timothy Jaromir and RYKKA

June 14th Zurich Private Party

June 28th Luzern LUZERNERFEST

NEW CD “CHAMELEON” coming SOON xoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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