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April 15, 2014
by Lindsay

Forget Me Not

The flowers are bursting through the cold dark ground, giving us light and colour.
I grew up with an intense Love for those miniature sky blue/pink  flowers, those sweet sweet Forget-Me-Nots. My Great Grandmother brought some over to the property they established alongside the Gatineau River, all those years ago, from Germany. Now, each Spring, the entire few acres are covered in blue and pink tipped grass. The vases over-flowed with those little touches of pretty. And now, when I see them peeking through I ‘forget not’ the times we all shared together, on that property by the river, sipping coffee and talking life over those precious vases of colour.  And now, I cherish the little Delft vase my GrandMother gave to me, and today, it sits on my kitchen table, filled with different shades of blue and pink…

There are so many ways to find beauty in life. Tradition has it’s ways of reminding us. What a legacy that lived before me! If only I could travel back in time to ask some of my ancestors questions, I wonder what their voices sounded like, what type of accents they had… Besides German, I am certain there were loads of Scottish accents, and I wonder when they stopped speaking Gallic up there in the northern lands by the sea. My heritage is certainly a mix-up, wouldn’t it be so interesting to snap your fingers, and glimpse into the past. For now, we have relics and photos and I get to use my imagination to no end. My Grandfather started up a family tree book and I remember one of his relatives was in search of gold, up in Northern Canada, back in the days of the uncivilized, no electricity and little information about wild animals, not much law… He must have had a fierce determination to get up there, following his big dreams.  Maybe part of his essence seeped into me and gives me the determination to keep following mine. I wonder if there were other singers in my family, besides my dear sweet Mama who LOVES to sing along to The Beatles, Boney M, and me. My Grandmother sang some show tunes, once upon a time, for fun, but I wonder if there was an antique piano being played somewhere with a voice soaring above it, for all to hear. I wonder where that magic of music that flows inside of me started? Was he a he? Was she a she?? Well, I may never know how, when, who or where, but I am a million times thankful. Even on my darkest days, where it seems that no gigs are coming in, and no ears hear my songs, I have faith that the flow is forever steady and present.

So, today, I thank you for your flowers and the music… Two of my favourite things.

Love Lindsay



April 7, 2014
by Lindsay

Time to Breathe

Moving from one country to another, means packing up one house and organizing 23kg of ‘must haves’ to take to the other one. This can be super tough, and I had to constantly remind myself that the things I couldn’t take with me were just that, things. 23kg, HA!! I did it though. But to think I packed up our whole house (ahem, trailer) cleaned it all up to sell, when for weeks I was losing sleep about how I was going to manage it all, AND do my taxes, AND book a tour out East, AND scrutinizing new mixes for my new record, and and….It just goes to show you where once it seems so hopeless and you think you’ll never be able to get through it, losing sleep, stressing out, headaches etc etc but we DO manage, we DO get it all done, and once again, I am living proof, I did it!! As a side note, I mailed off my taxes the very day I flew out of Canada. Last minute Lindsay wins again.

What a whirlwind though. From leaving Wakefield to spending some meaningful time/playing some meaningful shows in Nova Scotia, to flying to Switzerland and setting up house over here, I can finally say “phew” sit down and drink a coffee with a free mind. It feels so unusual to be so non-stressed out!! How wonderful actually, even if a little jet-lagged.

Nova Scotia has to be a new favourite place of mine. I forgot how simple and friendly the East Coast mentality is. I really needed that fresh sea air too, so thank you to all of my friends and fans, new and old. I will be coming back at the end of August, possibly the start of September (most likely) to start off my Canadian CD release tour. What fun!

In the meantime, I am here, in my little home over-looking a  small Swiss village for the next few months. It is great to be back, but always so sad to say good bye to my Canada. That said, it has been easier this time around, much due to the weather. Leaving snow storms and hurricanes to come back to green grass, buds bursting on trees, and flowers pushing up through damp spring ground, not bad at all. However, the change from Winter to Spring in one flight hasn’t quite settled in yet. Though I am pleased about the breeze in my living room (the windows are open!!) it is a bit strange, as I am very much a seasonal gal and feel as though I too am still waking up. A new perspective for sure.

Well, there is some laundry to be hung on the line, and more coffee to brew, so I will get to it! Oh, and I will try to update my blog WEEKLY, so please if I am not doing this, will someone kick me into gear??? I Love to write and would like to do more of it, so any reminders will be appreciated.

Lots of gigs in Switzerland coming up, mostly house concerts, and private parties in the month of May, but I will be in Zurich at Cafe Henrici on May 6th. If you are in the area, come see!!!

Hugs and Love

Lindsay xo


March 20, 2014
by Lindsay

East Coast Once More

So! It has come to be that time again, where I say good bye to one home and hello to another. We picked a doozy of a Canadian winter to live in a trailer with no running water. Let me tell ya! However, there are always positive sides and enduring everything that comes with a broken leg in such a small living space made the break a little easier to deal with! I will not be jumping off the back of a boat in Dominican any time soon or rather, never!! And once again, time becomes a question, it seems like only a short while ago I was hanging out with Chris Hadfield at the Ottawa Folk Festival.

It sure has been an interesting ride, living by the heat of a wood stove, on a horse ranch outside of one of the coolest villages I know of, ahh sweet sweet Wakefield. Just a quaint little town with an eclectic vibe alongside the Gatineau River! Alas, when I think of the trails, the folks and the foods of Switzerland, I can not be sad.

Firstly though, I will be heading towards the Atlantic and out to Nova Scotia for a few gigs and then up up and away!! On a side note, if you haven’t made your way East, I highly recommend it. The people, the fish, the view! Oh my! Indeed, that is where myself and my roadie/husband are headed, and soon! Ich freue mich as the say in Swiss German, and in English; I look forward!!

Packing has been another story entirely. I am still in awe of how much stuff two people can attain, even with living in such small quarters. I even purged a few “filled to the brim” bagsand yet I am still bombarded with too many things, certainly too much to take overseas. Thank goodness for friends and family with extra storage space! Having changed over from driving a van (for many, many years) to a smaller more efficient car, a Toyota Tercel, there isn’t much space for suitcases and music equipment! Alas, where there is a will, there is a way.

Speaking of music…. My latest labour of Love and my newest record “Chameleon” is in the mixing stages!! What a thrill to be able to make a new album and with such talent as Brock Zeman, Blair Hogan and Steve Foley, I could not have asked for better… I am chuffed to bits about it and truly can’t wait to share!! I think I will  dedicate an entire blog about the recording process as it was really something else. I am hoping to release it in Canada at the end of summer and perhaps in Europe before then, however, time will tell! I will, indeed, keep you all posted.

Now, with that, a few more odds and ends to take care of and then East, to the ocean!!

February 18, 2014
by Lindsay

New Album in the WORKS!

Hey readers :)

I hope this note finds you well and strong after enduring weeks upon weeks of snow and cold (providing you are reading this note from Canada.) If you are reading from other, more warmer spots on planet Earth, I am jealous, but won’t hold it against you. It is snowing again, as I type. As a little pre-cursor, my hubby wanted to check out Canada in the winter, usually we spend winter in HIS home and native land of Switzerland (which is experiencing warmer than usual temps these days) but not this year. We chose the coldest and snowiest winter (in these parts) in the last fifty years!! Not only did we choose to endure such temps and weather in Canada, but we chose to live in a trailer with no insulation!! It may seem pretty crazy, when written down, but really, it gets very warm in this little tin box, since we installed a wood-stove. It only feels like the  craziest decision of my life at four in the morning after the fire has long since burned out and the outside temps have frozen all the warm air inside. One morning I woke up and it was minus six degrees Celsius in our bedroom.  But the view is great and having spent eight weeks in a cast, not able to get around very well with a broken leg, it was a blessing, strangely enough, to have everything pretty much at an arms length. Oh and as a side note, you aren’t trailer trash unless you live in a trailer park. Phew!!!

Aside from all of that winter weather nonsense, life has been wonderful, living in the middle of the Gatineau Hills and calling Wakefield home. What a wonderful little community, where there is always something happening, and even in the darkest days it can be pretty bright. Soon we are leaving these parts though, and heading back to the land of Chocolate and Cheese.  In the past, I have written blogs about dual-country living,  it is always hardest at the beginning and at the end. You get used to your life in one place, finally, then have to up-root to the other place, getting used to that place, only having to leave again. Don’t get me wrong, these are shallow complaints, as we really do get the best of both worlds. One can’t forget Canadian Poutine and Switzerland Fondue!

This time, we are leaving from Halifax on April 2nd, heading out on a little road trip, with hopes to play a few shows here and there on our way. It was a last minute decision, so booking has been a little hard but I am getting some bites and will post the gigs as they come. For sure I am playing in Seaforth N.S on on the 22nd! Message me if you would like details, :)

Anyway getting on to the BEST TOPIC EVER (in MY life, anyway!) is my latest labour of Love, my newest musical project, my third record-in-the-works: “Chameleon.” I have been recording and creating this melodic dream with Producer Extra-Ordinaire Mr. Brock Zeman. Brock is a musician through and through and is currently on tour in the United States, you can find his tour dates here

Brock and I have shared the stage a few times… Take that time we opened for Steve Earle… Me first, then him, then Steve. Now THAT was cool. Having a history, I decided to ask him if he would like to help me out on my third record. Brock has been piecing together a studio over the years, in the basement of his riverside home, in the middle of Nowhere, Ontario. Apologies to those folks who live in Lanark, Ontario, but I am pretty sure you know what I mean… It IS however a small piece of paradise out there, even if the roads aren’t plowed!! Haaaa. I have always Loved Brocks vision, musically, and thought, let’s see if we can combine our talent for sound. Our musical performances are quite different from each others. His is more dirty, greasy folk rock and I am more raunchy pretty folk pop. Turns out the two sounds blend very well and let me tell you,  imaginations have run wild! I am so thrilled, in so many ways and can’t wait to get it out there, but it will take some time. This time around, I have asked a few artists from across the globe to share their skills, (what with technology and all) one is as far away as Egypt! I guess I really wanted to take my time on this, no rushing and NO booking a CD release party before the actual CD was in my hot little hands! Hahaaa… Sometimes you learn your lessons!

Anyway, I just wanted to up date you all on what has been happening this winter of 2014. I hope things are running smoothly for YOU and that YOU TOO let your imaginations run wild from time to time….

Love Lindsay

January 14, 2014
by Lindsay

She Walks!

Hey all!

It looks as though the healing God’s are working hard at getting my broken leg back into shape. I can now walk without crutches, but a cane, outside with all that ice  everywhere, well, there’s that… But the FREEDOM of being able to walk and carrying stuff with my TWO hands, ohhhhhh SO good.

I started recording my newest album “Chameleon” last week, with Brock Zeman. It has been interesting getting around in a walking cast, but thankfully it happened to my left leg, as my right foot is my rhythm foot! Oh, and driving out to the country on a river in backwoods Ontario was also doable! The studio is located not 10 feet away from a wood stove, in the basement of a cozy home filled to the brim with the most captivatin artifacts. Brock is a collector of instruments and odd things, one could get lost in their imagination with all the stories surrounding them. A very fascinating place to record, surrounded by lava lamps, key boards, paintings of all sorts, ancient type-writers, china dolls, bronze sculptures, horse paraphernalia, you name it. Very cool and cozy, even with the dolls ;) We were able to get the “bare bones” of ten songs down, in two days. Basically the acoustic guitar and vocals, which are considered “scratch” meaning they may or may not be used in the end result… Who knows! Anything goes!

In any case, I will of course let you know how it is all going, should you be interested but right now, I wanted to let you know of a couple of gigs happening in the Land of Lindsay….

Saturday January 18th BobCat House Concerts, Ottawa Ontario 8pm

Wednesday February 5th Raw Sugar Café, Ottawa Ontario with David Ward and Kelly Sloan 9pm

I hope to see some of you out, it is winter after all and so hard to leave the cozy nest of home, but you NEED music, right???

Hope so :)


Lindsay xo


January 1, 2014
by Lindsay

Painted Horses

I lay in bed last night, a few minutes after midnight, the first few minutes of a new year, and thought about resolutions and dreams and so much more. To try to calm my brain down,  to stop over-analyzing my life, to stop thinking so much…how to bring the important things into focus? Life’s ideas, problems, wishes and insecurities were on repeat, spinning around like a carousel where every painted horse was a warrior of sorts. Hunting for life, for life.


Well, today is a new day and I awoke to a sunlit snow-covered pasture outside my door with a brand new song in my head.


What I have surmised, in my very short life, my very short time here on Earth, is that every day is indeed a new day. The sun sets, the sun rises, moods change, life changes, things that seemed scary, freaky, weird, strange and chaotic the night before are mere memories now, and I am once again in control of my warrior painted horses.


To try to find only one great big meaning of life, one great big purpose in life… It’s not realistic when there are so many things, people, places, sights, smells, choices, stimuli surrounding each and every one of us at any given time. Why try to pick just one thing, one meaning? There are so many doors and windows to open, why not see what you can find and revel in the little gifts that present themselves? I bet you can pick five, just by looking around you…


MY five, right now:


1) The smell of the hand-made (unlit) beeswax candle sitting beside me.

2) The taste of the freshly ground coffee in my mug, fair-trade and all.

3) The feel of this warm poncho wrapped around me.

4) The sound of the fire crackling and sputtering in it’s pot-belly iron home.

5) The look of my freshly polished guitar, shining in the sun, precariously positioned in the seat across from me.


Stop reveling in your own distaste for life. Yes, it sucks sometimes, yes, people can be uncaring and mean, and even worse, soul-less and ignorant. You can spend your time worrying about becoming one of these types, or you can walk away from them when they try to suck the life out of you. These needy, energy suckers, they are everywhere, heck even you and I can be among this class of folk, at times, we are human after all, but we don’t have to live there forever. Yes, once in awhile we do things, we say things that make us feel sick, we drink too much, we judge too much, we don’t live enough, we don’t appreciate enough. Time passes and we have to get over those bumps, manoevre around the bends and curves. Ultimately we are filled to the brim with emotions of all sorts. Letting them free isn’t a bad thing. Cry, run, laugh, sigh, Love, but KNOW that it all passes, time is going to come and change you, any second now.


Those painted horses could be opportunities or distorted fears.

They could be the seed of a dream or a  the face of a nightmare.


It’s up to YOU to decide.


and with that,


Happy New Year….choose wisely this 2014,




Lindsay xo


December 20, 2013
by Lindsay

Broken But Not Lost

Hey everyone

Here are a few words about my most recent accident…

Enjoy the read ;)


It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the breeze was floating ‘Simpson-esque’ clouds across the horizon, the air smelled of the salty sea and it was my birthday. Just north of the equator, basking in summer weather, while back home, it was in the minus degree section on the thermometer, there I was, feeling a tad sorry for myself. It could be partially due to the fact that I am prone to lunatic behavior around the full moon, but for whatever reason, something wasn’t sitting right in what should have been my “Happy Birthday” head. Could it be that somehow I was foretelling the impending future?  Whatever the case, I was forced to open my eyes to a new life, and soon.


A good friend was getting married on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, so a bunch of us filed into a silver bullet, flying south to an all-inclusive resort. It was one of those ‘one-week’ deals, and on the fifth day, only hours after the “I do’s” had been professed, some of us rented a boat for a day of ocean adventure. We swam in an underwater tropical fish tank of sorts. In essence a dream-come true for me. I am a water baby and one of my all-time favourite things to do is to swim with the fishes. I was enamored with the fresh and bright quick-moving colours, scattering across, under and through the corals. In my dream world, this is most likely where I would live!! What a way to spend my birthday!!


Soon, we would sail off to a smoother, calmer section of the beach. Our beach-front, at the resort where we were staying was covered in waves and body-surfing was rampant! Where we landed after snorkeling was an idyllic spot, had there not been two other big boats, filled to the brim with youngsters getting their party on, the music was blasting through epic speakers, and it was of the sort one might find at a dark disco, music I might have danced to in another lifetime. However, a few rum and cokes later, and we were all in the water dancing and laughing away, all one hundred and fifty of us!! It turned out to be one of the best moments ever, Ocean-Disco! The fun seemed endless and weeks later, I am grateful for these memories.


It wasn’t until we got back to the wavy waters of our beach, when to my surprise the water under the boat was much shallower that I had thought. I came to this realization when I jumped off the stern and felt something strange happen inside my leg. This was no ordinary sprain. The next few minutes are a blur, and for this I am happy, turns out I can block out pain memories!! Yay!


My foot expanded by double and I kept it raised with ice for the next two and a half days. We would be back in Canada on the Sunday morning, so I would wait it out until then.  The resort was happy to lend their crutches and here, the demise of a relationship would begin. Boy, do I look forward to the day that we say our good-byes!! When I got back home, the Dr’s found TWO breaks in my lower leg. The surgical term is called a ‘Maisonneuve Fracture’ a spiral fracture, where there is a small break in a bone somewhere in the ankle and the electricity of the break spirals up through the two leg bones and pops out of the fibula. Dr. said that the text book says SURGERY. I prayed for none of that, and I got what I wanted. A cast for six weeks, not so much, alas, no surgery!


So, here I am, bingo-wings decreasing and one hairier leg.


What a way to spend my birthday INDEED!!!

Bye for now, and Merry Christmas ya’ll :)



Lindsay xo


August 22, 2013
by Lindsay

Up & Coming GIGS :)

Hey folks,

Are you interested in seeing me perform live??

Here’s hoping :)

(also, I am always looking for HOUSE CONCERT performances, so if you have something to celebrate, we can plan for the BEST way to make that happen! Send me an email at


Thursday September 5th at 10′ish in the morning, check out Ottawa’s ROGERS TV

Friday September 6th at 10′ish in the morning, check out Ottawa’s CTV

Saturday September 7th OTTAWA FOLK FESTIVAL, Ravenlaw Stage, from 2pm to 3pm


Wednesday September 18th in PORT HOPE at Cravingz

Saturday September 21st in BELLEVILLE at PORCHFEST from 3pm to 4pm

Thursday October 3rd in Wakefield at The Black Sheep Inn with Jadea Kelly

Saturday October 5th in Wakefield at The Wakefield Market 10am to 1pm

Friday November 8th in Ottawa at The Shenkman Arts Centre with RYKKA

"Fly away Birdie"

August 2, 2013
by Lindsay

And there July was, gone.

Hello from this 200 year old farm house.

We live on the top floor and considering the HEAT that this Summer is bringing us, it’s not so bad with the windows wide open when there is a breeze flowing through.

July was a wonderful somewhat cool month, filled with new song-writing, sweet music playing, delicious barbeque eating and refreshing river/lake swimming.

I having been missing my Gatineau River and the people and food of the wonderful Wakefield Quebec, but life is pretty wonderful up here, out here, a five minute drive to the Alps.

We went swimming in the River Aare, or rather “floating.” It is a fast paced river, and you just get in with a floaty of some sort (in my case, a waterproof bag to store some drinking water, my towel etc) and go sailing down the river rather quickly. It’s a blue/green crystal clear river which reminded me of white-water rafting (with ROAM -Rivers, Oceans and Mountains) down the Chilcotin River in British Columbia, without the raft of course. It was pretty amazing but for some reason I kept getting away from the rest of my friends and had to “swim” up-river so that they could catch up to me which made my leisurely float a tad less leisurely and I could definitely feel it the next day… the GOOD pain, you know??? I remember when we were in B.C in the big yellow rafts, we would have to plan our lunch spot or camping spot for the night well in advance so we could make the stop and not get swept away by the current… Well it is a little more difficult when planning a lunch stop with a little floaty bag, naked toes and wimpy arms…you risk smashing into the rocks that you are about to sit and eat on. I have a little bruise on my elbow, but really, all was SUPER fun and I would do it again… actually the best part was diving down under the water, opening your eyes and feeling your body racing through the water, speeding past the rocks… Amazing, such a perfect day spent for a water baby such as myself.

Yesterday was my first time celebrating Swiss National Day. For all of the “Swiss” order of things, it wasn’t as orderly as I thought it would be. See, the fireworks started at 10am and didn’t stop until past midnight, people ALL over Switzerland were letting them off, everywhere and not just in one place, but next door, up the road, over the mountain, across the stream, down by the river, in the backyard, in the side yard in the front yard…. EVERYWHERE, all day. In Canada, there are the odd folks who set some off at the beach etc around sunset but mostly, townfolk/cityfolk head to a designated area and watch them all together singing chorus’ of Ooooh’s and Aaaaah’s… Not here. Silence then BAM, silence then POW, silence then CRASH BOOM BANG!!! I had to let out a few whistles of appreciation… you can take the girl out of Canada…

I got some great news a couple of days ago. Not only am I coming home back to Canada in September, but I am playing at the Ottawa Folk Festival for the first time. It was my SEVENTH time applying, so lucky number SEVEN came through and I am pretty excited to be making my debut Canadian show in MONTHS at a Folk Festival; the same festival that EmmyLou Harris and Beth Orton are playing at. Tres cool I must say, and I can’t wait to get my dirty festival feet on!!

As always, I am looking to book shows and if you are reading this note and would like to host a house concert, a backyard BBQ or a dinner & music style event… Any kind of musical event featuring ME… don’t hesitate to email me at

Until we meet again,

Love, Live and Smile!!

Lindsay xo

June 21, 2013
by Lindsay

First Day of Summer 2013

And just like that, Summer began.

In the darkest days of winter, most of us long for today, and here it is in all it’s blue-sky-green-grass-leafy-tree glory (it’s actually over-cast here, but we all get the drift!)

I Love both Seasons. All seasons, actually. Each one has it’s best part, and each 0ne helps me, in some way or form, to be inspired to follow my dreams and stay on the right course. Naturally, on occasion I take the wrong road, the ‘road less traveled’ but in the end,  most avenues are right, as hindsight is always 20/20.

It’s my first time writing here as a married woman.

The last few months were filled to the brim with excitement and plans and yellow tape and caterers and paperwork and dress measuring and clothes shopping and phone calls and invites and organizing and basking in the Love of my mans eyes. All in the name of Love and all for the best day of my life, my wedding day. It’s true what they say… It was the best day of my life, and I have lived through some pretty tremendous days. This one beat them all, so does that mean it’s all down hill from now?? I think I will coast on the coat-tails of being a newly-wed for awhile…

It was also the first time I grew out my nails in many, many, many moons. One can’t play the chords on guitar with finger nails. I missed the sounds of the strings plucked and strummed and all those melodies that flow out while I’m rehearsing. So I’m back at it, and when you step away from it for a couple of weeks (or more??) it’s amazing what comes out once you get going again. The tap from that fresh water constant-running-spring had been corked so when I liberate the cork, the water is in full flowing force. Refreshing, beautiful, colourful musical ‘water.’ Oh how I bask in the glory of thee.

So I am back to writing and back to booking, all as a married woman.

Some say that you feel differently in your relationship once you tie the knot. I concur! I won’t go into gushy details of Love, but it does feel as though there is a tighter, kindred connection, more sincere in a way? It’s hard to put into words…more secure in the saddle? Someone recently asked me how I was going to create songs, now that my heart is solid and strong. Well, thank goodness I have a unique array of friendships that provide me with stimulating stories, not to mention the catalogue of  life’s drama I have already seen ;)

It’s my first Summer away from my second home (Canada) in a long time. The last place I spent a Summer was in Ireland, when I worked out on the Emerald Isle’s west coast, in Connemara, all those years ago. Well, here I am in Switzerland, south of Bern, a bike-ride (all up hill!) away from the Alps. It’s pretty heavenly here, but WHERE isn’t it heavenly in the Summertime?

I miss my Wakefield. If you ever have the chance to head up, north of Ottawa to the Gatineau Hills in Quebec, do it. Wakefield has everything from Organic Farms, to hand crafted beeswax candles, to luxurious bakeries, to the BEST bistros, the BEST poutine, and the BEST place to see live music, at The Black Sheep Inn. We have an arts festival at the end of August called ‘Wakefest’ and there is a market every Saturday featuring live music, fresh breads, cookies, coffee, hand picked vegetables, hand crafted felted masterpieces, local honey, local EVERYTHING!! So go check it out… Oh and yeah, the Gatineau River is the liquid Love that brings it all together.

In the meantime, I will sit up here in this old farm house on the hill, over-looking the small village I live in part-time (half Swiss time half Canadian time!) serenaded by the melody of the sheep chimes, a fridge stocked with local cheeses, delicious beer and a cabinet full of chocolate.

Remember folks,

Life is what you make it.


Lindsay xo


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