Press Reviews & Testimonials

Wild and Wonderful

Paul Symes, Black Sheep Inn

Lindsay Ferguson is wild and wonderful, a professional and truly an excellent performer.

Lily Frost, Songstress Extra-Ordinaire

“A powerful, confident ball of fire Lindsay sings from her heart with abandon and truthfulness! “

Kellylee Evans, Songstress a la Soul

“Lindsay Ferguson = 25% passion, 25 % drive, 25 % silken honeyed vocals, 25 % songwriting prowess. A definite ‘must-see/must-hear.’”

Geoff Berner,  World-Traveling-Music-Making-Genius

“Lindsay Ferguson is a true siren. Her sophisticated songwriting perfectly accentuates the gorgeousness of her voice, with an unerring sense of melody. Captivating.”

Ann Vriend, Singer & Song Writer a la Piano

"Lindsay's voice is powerful and evocative and gives me shivers every time I hear her perform"


A Lovely Fresh Voice!

Richard Flohil, Publicity & Promotion

"A lovely fresh voice and songs that connect you, immediately, to a charmingly magnetic performer."

Passionate Song Writing

Chris White, CKCU Radio

Lindsay's liquid voice, passionate song writing and dynamic stage presence create a powerful effect that is much much more than the sum of its parts. She's got it all!

Rare Gift

Alan Wigney, Ottawa Sun

Lindsay Ferguson's voice is a rare gift, her songs a marvelously eclectic blend of styles that marks the work of a true original.


Radio Wakefield

An exceptional voice and a new CD that shows a tremendous amount of diversity ranging from rock, jazz, and country; something for everyone!

Celestial Soul

Fateema Sayani, Ottawa Magazine

So thick with flaky-celestial soul, it screams! Rush out and buy, borrow or download her new album "Sound", a rising star!


Kevin Kelly - Newfoundland Herald

Lindsay Ferguson inspires passion with her songwriting. A strikingly original new voice.


Chris MacLean, Artist, Musician, Singer-Songwriter

No wilting flower, this girl has what it takes to get under your skin and send shivers down your spine.


Melodies Kim Mannix Vermette, Metro News

With insightful lyrics and enticing melodies Lindsay Ferguson was born to sing and write!

Vibrant Singer Laurie Gough, Author

Lindsay is an inspiring and vibrant singer-songwriter who brings heart and soul into her songs. Her rich voice, at times haunting, soars and surges with the ups and downs of a girl's life in full pursuit of what it means to be alive.