Remedy Me Well!!!

I wish this cold and flu would dissappear. Too many nights of coughing into and out of sleep. It's NOT good. I once had vocal nodes and had to quit singing for 6 months!! The throat doctor told me that coughing is the absolute worst thing in the world for a singer. But it won't cease... so I bit the bullet and started drinking. Buckley's that is. It  IS terrible!! Let's hope by the end of the bottle, the cough will end too!! All that said however, I played on of my best shows to date at The Black Sheep Inn last Thursday. Maybe because I had to be ultra careful with my voice, I don't know, but the God's & Goddesses were smiling at me!! I pray that tomorrow's show in Toronto is going to run smoothly, because when that fierce tickle comes halfway through a song, there ain't nothin'  I can do to stop it from exploding into a cough... I only hope that I get a break from it all for those two 45min sets!! Also, I was singing at a wedding on the weekend, it was Lovely and my voice held out for that aswell, this weekend coming there is ANOTHER wedding which I will sing at... It's amazing, all these weddings... I've never had so many at the same time... five to sing at before the end of September. Holy, tis the season I guess... I think if I ever get hitched, I'll take my Mum's advice and elope!! On another note,  come to Nathan Phillips Square tomorrow noon until 2pm, Myself and my band will be playing a free BLOWOUT show, smack downtown in the middle of it all... Hope to see some of you readers... is anybody out there????