Canadian (maple syrup) Music Week 2010

Hello fine folks of the web world. Ohhh, to be connected by little fine black lines. Which no doubt, in turn, let us be connected by sounds and song! If you would like to come see me in REAL life, you know, the one where skin, sight and smell exists, please come to Toronto on Thursday night!! Aha! To the big city, the big smoke! There is a fantastic week of music happening, showcasing music from all over the world, downtown Toronto from Wed. the 10th til Sun. the 14th "Canadian Music Week." My showcase is at 11pm SHARP on March 11th at The Free Times Cafe. I am stoked, as I will have my very first drummer, back drumming with me again, after a few years apart. This time, Mr. Shawn Rompre will be accompanying me on Kajon drum, which is a box you sit on and tap in the front, it's a Peruvian drum, and it has strings inside it... quite the innovative and sweet addition to the music I bring to you! So, if perchance you ARE in the big city, I implore you to fill your weekend up (starting early... ahem, Thursday night!) with the wonderful and inspirational sounds of song...

Today, I am finishing up a batch of maple syrup over the open fire. What a dream, to sit in the warm almost Spring sun, boiling sap, which in turn, after many hours, makes the most delicious maple syrup. Thank you trees. Yummy pure bliss.

See you in Toronto.

Moi xo