Blueskies to Jupiter

It's Wednesday night and only now am I feeling rested enough to get my head around the greatness that i had the fortune to be a part of this weekend. Really though, to put any of the past few days into words may be a tad hard, so what I will do to start this blog about "Blueskies" is to let you read the lyrics to the song we wrote about this wonderful festival, called: "Blueskies to Jupiter." On Sunday, I headed a workshop called "Write a Song for Blueskies" and I must admit I was a little nervous, the thought of finishing a song in an hour! One never knows how these things will go! In the end, however, it took two hours and we came up with a way to describe the Festival in these words:
Feathers, hula hooping, tie-dye, painting on a Blueskies day.
Moonshine through the tree line, drinking red wine, I'm home to stay
Won't you take some, where you're going
Spread that sweet Love to Jupiter
Children dancing barefoot, on the hillside, heart's keep in time...
FIRE! Yeah... MAGIC! Yeah...Rhythm! Yeah...Beauty!
Sweet songs fill the forest, echoes rising to twilight sun.
Gently making traces, building stages for years to come
Won't you take some, where you're
going, spread that sweet Love to Jupiter
Blueskies, how we Love you and we'll miss you 'til we meet again!!
It truly is a magical place, camping out in the forest under the stars for three nights and just as many nights and days of music and workshops... On a couple of those nights, a dude had set up his telescope, right on the planet Jupiter, and to my surprise I was able to see four of it's moons all in a row, from teeny tiny to bigger. It was spectacular to say the least. My favourite part was, of course, playing on the stage for the first time!!! I have wanted to perform for over five years, and my dream finally came true! I had the pleasure to play the set with Ben Whiteley on Stand-Up Bass, and Jaron Freeman Fox on Fiddle... it was wonderful to be out there making melodies together, and sharing a brand new song, written on the very same day!! To describe the way of the people at this festival is almost impossible, but I liken it to peaceful, respectful bliss...lasting for four sweet days... so sad to say goodbye but knowing that all of it exists is sure to keep me going during the dark days of winter...Knowing that unconditional Love is actually out there, between strangers... it really is a beautifully simple thing indeed. So, I guess I have to wait another year but I wait graciously with patience and strength!! Some of the acts that graced the stage came all the way from Australia; check out TOBY and KIM CHURCHILL also check out Las Vegas' THAT ONE GUY. Whoosh... okay, time for chores now and a final THANK YOU to all of the folks out there who made my weekend so wonderfully stellar... I will miss you til we meet again.
Love Lindsay xo