Round ONE Winners!! Woooo Hooooo!!

Hey folks! We did it! We practiced like mad and made it into the Round 2 finals of The Big Money Shot, Ottawa Radio's Live 88.5 music competition. Round 2 is on October 22nd, where we will be competing against four other extremely talented bands to get into the final round, Round 3, where we stand to win $150 000 towards this ever-lasting music career of mine!! I express great thanks to all the friends, family and fans who came out to support us on September 24th. We truly couldn't have done it without you, so I encourage you to mark the October 22nd down on your calendars!!! We still need you, your Love and your cheers!! People come up to me after my shows with gratitude and praise in their hearts and eyes, and it is SUCH a blessing... sometimes I hear "Well, you probably hear this a lot, so it might not matter to you what I think but..." and I just want all of you LindsayLive fans to know, that every second of Love you give to me, comes out in my music and performance, and it means the world t0 me to hear from you, and realizing that people are digging my music, NEVER gets old... so again, I thank you for all of the encouragement, and it's true, i could not do it without you! In other news, I submitted a resume to Cirque Du Soliel, they are looking for singers, and I actually heard back from them! They sent me over thirty songs to choose from and I had to submit a video of me singing one of them for the upcoming Toronto auditions... this and The Big Money Shot all in one day!! So I will wait patiently to hear if I get the call back for Cirque.... what an amazing opportunity indeed! They say great things happen in three's, so I wonder what the next one will be?? any case, I will certainly keep you posted with what's to come... and in the meantime, I will leave you with a couple of new tunes I performed live on Rogers Television last week, hope you enjoy and don't forget, October 22nd at Capital Music Hall in Ottawa... FULL BAND STYLE, we shall be rockin' it out!!! Thanks again,

Lindsay xo