Swiss Air

There must be something about the air here in Switzerland. I have been here for  6 days, have had two gigs and am on my third song. I don’t know what it is, could be the cheese, could be the chocolate, could be the bread, could be the prosecco. It’s a fabulous country, one that many think is full of money and dull people, but it’s not the case, I assure you. I am staying between a couple ofplaces while I am here; one is a small rural village, much like the one I am based out of in Canada, minus the pubs and restaurants, plus the roosters crowing in the morning and quaint houses that are over two hundred years old. The other is a city with a River running through it, nestled on a lake and church bells from dozens of chuches that  ring every 15 minutes, talk about a cacophony of sound! It’s music to my ears, possibly ringing out history of sorts? I can picture the old guys up there once upon a time, pushing the big bells back and forth themselves. It’s Christmas time, so it is, and the simplicity of the decorations out here is something we North Americans could learn from. It’s romantic and elegant and there aren’t big plastic red and white candy canes everywhere, more like glass coloured balls and strings of gold and silver lights all out on display, for anyone and everyone to rip down if they want, but no one does. There are fully decorated HUGE Christmas trees up around the town and they stay untouched and gazed upon throughout the whole season, a true peace and calm of sorts. Anyway, I am hoping this messages reaches you and reminds you that there is a whole other world out there, one to be devoured and learned from if you so desire! It’s not easy to break away from the crazy fast paced path that we are on, but we can learn and Love for free. Just sayin. Lindsay xo