Summer Skies Still

Life is changing again, you can smell it in the air. It brings greatness, this change, and it's scary too. Do you find yourself wanting to throw it all up in the air, and put these pieces together differently,  letting go and starting anew... 'tis the season of change, Summer into Autumn... in full glory. Summertime, sweet summertime, I will miss you. It was so amazing, the blue skies, the sweet songs, the warm breeze, the invigorating black rivers and navy lakes. I started my summer off in the studio and then onto the road across Canada, and then into festivals, onto radios and there was a lot of time spent under water too. There are still 12 days left of this season, enough time, I guess, to get used to the idea of welcoming fall and all its magnificent colour. I have been spending my time house and cat sitting in a beautiful, quaint house, nestled in Sandy Hill, Ottawa... it's been  quite the change from living in the country, where the noisiest thing comes in the form of a crow, and an interesting change from living in a house full of room mates, to no one but me and my guitar. A week or so ago, I held a song writing workshop and the most profound thing about song writing, is that the musical stream is always there, you just have to pick a time and jump in. I must say it is easier when you have the place to yourself, just you and a coupla kitties. I've been riding my bike a lot too. It's a much easier way to get around in big city life. I Love riding down the parkway, on the bike path, alongside the canal...Just yesterday, I visited the house where my Dad grew up in, I imagined him, his siblings and his parents all up in there, living their lives, growing and learning, that sweet history, I could somehow picture it though I have never stepped foot in there. Ahhh you just have to Love the beauty that comes from imagination. It's where all of our dreams come from!! Soon I will move back into the country and get busy changing with the leaves. My new album isn't yet up for sale up on the web, but I promise, when I get my head  screwed on in just a bit more of a "business meets computer" kind of way, it will be there for you... just a little more time and all will be available. I am truly proud of this new album, working with Dean Watson a.k.a friend and musician, it was a process that I quite enjoyed and am so thankful for. I was lucky enough to win a little money from the Big Money Shot, to record and print this record, and it's only a matter of time until it get's "heard." If you want to hear it, I have the whole thing up on and please, make sure to play it loud ;) My next show will be in Ottawa as part of "The Allaire Show" at Quinn's on Bank street. It's an afternoon show so bring out the chilluns if you want... from 3pm til 5pm on Saturday the 24th of September....  Enjoy these last 12 days of Summer... Love Lindsay xo