Humble Reminders

hi cats &'s a de-Lovely day out there on this holiday monday. i'm listening to some new orleans old school party blues. it always makes me feel great when i hear this music. i could get up & dance. but i don't dance, unless i'm 3 sheets to the wind. then maybe. i prefer to shine on stage, not shake my booty and pretend i know what i'm doing out there. not that i'm a wall flower though. i can bop with the best of them, but once the feet get involved, it's all left left left. life is good. i spent the last few days on a lake, with my feet up & sunscreen on. juggling 2 waitressing jobs & a music career can be exhausting... well, it always is!! sometimes i can break free from computers & telephones & just relax. not often mind you but the past four days were heaven. thanks god!!! or the eternal entity being thing that may or may not guide us.. whatever. thanks moon, thanks sun, thanks mum, thanks lake, thanks loons on the lake. thanks me!! yesterday i performed a benefit. god Love benefits. it was great though. lots of people there, in honor of the wakefield library. me, craig cardiff & brian sanderson put on a great show... had all the kids & parents enthralled. i looked out after i finished a tune & was quite humbled to see this Lovely woman with tears & biting down on her lip to control them. it's moments like that, they stop me in my tracks & make it real. i mean, sometimes i get so caught up in how busy my life is, i forget how powerful this music gift can be. it is so second nature to me, like reading or writing or giving my mum a kiss. i forget that reading helps my imagination grow, writing enables a song to be put into lyrics & kisses help me Love. well, the gift of music is such a thrill & i am so thankful for it. i did feel a bit bad though, that i made this woman cry. i didn't set out for that. but just to know that my music encites such strong feelings... i am honored & humbled at the same time. thanks again god! or river entity who brings water flow and breeze. thanks life! thanks you!!! rehearsals start for my full band CD release. it's on the 30th of september in wakefield at The Black Sheep Inn. it's gonna be great. can't wait to get in there & play with a band again. such fun. thanks for reading. Love moi