A Love Note.

A Love Song It must be the most popular subject for a story, for a movie, for a song. I remember when I was just starting out writing I was told, by someone I looked up to, that there were already enough Love songs out there, write something new, be unique! I held on to that statement, sometimes a little too tightly. But isn’t Love the very thing that binds us together, that keeps us alive? So why not write about it, live about it, jump about it, scream and shout about it? As a woman, I am always looking for that Love connection, so why deny myself something that I feel the strongest about? The impact of words remembered is intense, I still battle that memory when I sit down and write. Love, the universal place where everyone wants to live, that musical palace where life and dreams are born!  Just to be sure, one can still uniquely craft a song about Love, it’s just a matter of letting go of what other people’s likes or dislikes are and going with what you know, going with what works for you, ultimately being yourself til the end! SO blast away any negativity that others try to bestow upon you and write about, sing about what you know. Be YOU.  Let the good times flow and write what you know. On that note,  I think I will go put pen to paper and try to finish the song I’m working on, with hopes to sing it next Saturday in Stittsville or the following Saturday in Belleville… sweet, a new song to look forward to! Let’s hope it’s Love at first sight..err…sound! Bye for now… Lindsay xo