Thoughts on Summer and a Strange Thing Called Love

Lately I have been wearing my galoshes while I hike. Seeing as the rain has been coming in large waves, daily, I need these "wellies" to keep my feet warm and dry. It makes for an extra special type hike, as I can go virtually anywhere, through puddles, across streams and over riverbeds. I can go places I would never go in running shoes/hiking boots (for fear of getting a soaker!!) In fact, I am reminded of my younger days, when I would play outside in the rain, sloshing through the trenches, pretending I was a character right out of a viking fairy-tale. In more recent years, going outside in the rain wasn't something I took pleasure in, in fact it was the greatest excuse to NOT have to go outside at all... It's raining, I will get wet! But life in a forest is absolutely beautiful under showers, everything shimmers and the shades of colour are splendid! The canopy of trees prevent you from getting too wet, oh and an umbrella helps :) This past weekend, we decided to go camping, in the rain. Perhaps that was pushing the boundaries a little too far, but we did get a fire started and cooked a nice supper in it's heat. Hopefully the next camping trip will involve the sun, but it was a learning experience, out there in the fresh air, under the tarp and the cacophony of sound from the rain drops. On a side note, there are virtually no bugs here, but just in case, I made up some natural bug-spray to keep them away mixing two tablespoons of almond oil, ten drops of Eucalyptus oil, ten drops of Lemongrass oil, a teaspoon of alcohol and a couple tablespoons of water... Not only does it smell good but it feels good too and you don't need much. Actually, since starting a garden (our first) I have been diving into the art of home-made stuffs. While I have always liked creating pieces of art through jewelry and song, I never really took to making healing teas or balms/salves, all concocted from nature itself. It is a wonderful feeling, going out and picking herbs, petals, leaves etc and creating something else, something that helps the skin/soul/heart and more. We are very lucky to live where we do (in BOTH countries, between Canada and Switzerland) we have chosen to live outside of city life, only a half hour drive away from the big city. Both places are very different, but in both places, fresh water and fresh air are plentiful. Here, in CH we have many fruit trees and you can see them all spouting their fruits, but most won't be ready until Autumn (hazelnuts, walnuts, apples, pears and plums) some are almost ready (BLUBERRIES!) and some we are putting into salad on a daily basis (RASPBERRIES!!) It is a bit of heaven here, for certain, and it all sounds so healthy, BUT once you taste the fresh bread and the Swiss cheese, those fancy fruity ideas go out the window... I can not say no! My Grandmother used to say everything in moderation... and I am working on it ;) In other news, I would like to share with you a video we made a few weeks back when I was in Zurich for a concert! The video was shot on the banks of the Sihl River by The Automatic Film Maker, a.k.a Steve Ellington  The song is called "Apologies," written through the eyes of a friend, not yet ready to Love. I believe one can only truly Love someone when they can find a way to Love themself. Sometimes a person has to take some time away from relationships to find out their true sense of Self. On more than one occasion I see people trying to find out who they are, while they are in a stagnant/contrary relationship (a true remedy for a break up!) and this is not a place in which one can blossom into who they are supposed to be. If you are reading this, and are at a cross-roads or at a loss, perhaps this song will inspire you. I try to write songs that speak to the people and the one thing that we all have in common, is choosing the wrong people for the right reasons. Many many many times I myself have tried to breakthrough the unbreakable. My songs come from my own life experience as well as the lives living around me. "Apologies" was born through my understanding of what it feels like to be confused in the uncertainty of  HOW to Love, in turn, how to BE Loved. Certainly, I have been there, as have most of us! (on a side note, I am happily married now... Love takes time but when it arrives, there are NO questions on what it is! It's true what they say "You Just Know.")

Without further ado: APOLOGIES (solo guitar voice version)

This song will be featured on my newest record as well (in FULL BAND style!)

We are still working on the album, tweaking some of the mixes and it still has yet to be mastered, but it is coming, and I am really looking forward to sharing it with you.


Lindsay xo