A Beautiful Storm

Well hello beauty out there!  (where is beauty you may ask?)                             well, there are many different places to find beauty...

One particular location I am thinking of took place on Sunday the 30th of September. People, filled to the brim in a tavern, spilling out to the porch with a beer in one hand & a kid trying to get out of the other. or how about holding onto the kid, while trying to play the trumpet? or maybe it was the 250 people all singing at the same time...there were just so many moments that day, it would be difficult to remember them all.

The last few weeks of mine have had their momentous moments... check out The Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Sun, The Xpress... how about going to www.therepublicofavalonradio.com for an interesting pod-cast featuring songs from the new album (that i just released to an all time record high attendance at The Black Sheep Inn, in Wakefield Quebec.) Yeah, it's been crazily wonderful. I was featured on "Bandwidth" with Alan Neal, a half hour interview across Canada on CBC. Holy Shit!! Yeah!! The CD Release itself was intense, and powerful and painful  and just pure nutz all at the same time! There were so many people, so close, with the band & me, all of us just saturated in sweaty songs... it was a beautiful storm.

People lined up for an hour just to get me to sign their CD's. I still can't believe it, it all happened so fast!! one guy bought a CD for Burton Cummings & one for MOBY. it felt ridiculously like a dream, signing a CD to MOBY...

in true "lindsaylate" like fashion, i didn't even have a dress picked out until a half hour before the show. if only i had Carolyn Mark's closet... she was playing her heart & soul out the night before my show, with Geoff Berner & Diona Davies. She is one BEAUTIFUL creature & if you haven't been to one of her shows, or seen her live, get out and do it fast!! She's awesome!!! not to mention her lipstick & wardrobe or her witty or that AMAZING smile. yep, I'm in Love.

okay, so besides a brilliant weekend of GREAT music & talent, a mind-blowing CD release party... having some of the FINEST musicians with me, Chris Hopkins, Dave Draves, Lee Bowie, Brian Sanderson, Grady Kelneck & Armand Vienneau i have a couple of other great things happening for the rest of the month (October...)

Thanksgiving Dinner Sunday the 7th CHELSEA with the family

OCFF CONFERENCE 11th-14th - LONDON, Guerilla Showcasing; Babes for Breasts,

Old Town Hall 20th October ALMONTE with The Gregory Hoskins Trio

Irving Greenberg Theatre 21st October OTTAWA with Paul DesLauriers & Dawn Tyler Watson

Watching the Stars in the October Night Sky as much as possible.