Peace & Quiet in the Big Smoke

It's amazing how even in BIG CITY LIFE you can find calm & quiet. It's not at all the FAST PACED crazy world I thought it would be. Nice. I'm staying right smack downtown in the middle of it all for the week it'll be nice to not have to spend SO much on the subway every day... had to walk to a party the other night (i had to, i know) & in doing so I walked passed the Horseshoe Tavern, which is WAY more a drinkin' dive than I thought it would be. And along the way, ran into a screaming man.  He was so mad... at the air. Poor fella. Then when I got to the party (right beside the Cameron House... a very funky little venue) I ran into more small world moments. I swear to God, there are Newfs everywhere & I Love it.