Moonshine Madness

This is gonna sound WAY hippie, but when the moon comes out, this new part of me that sleeps for 2 weeks, gets woken up. I have no control, as soon as I see the moon, something inside just starts to feel new & fresh & safe. I am a Moon Person. I am also a Music Making Machine these days. I can NOT pick up my guitar & practice older songs... I can't seem to control my fingers either, they are constantly in need of new rhythms & sounds. So now I have pages of new songs (no, not FINISHED!!) that need to be practiced, but as soon as I start in on Yesterday's song, I come up with something for Today. I used to record every new thing on a digital hand held recorder, which was AWESOME, until I lost 3 yrs of bits & pieces... it took a few months to let the pain of THAT loss go. Somewhere in Newfoundland there sits a piece (pieces) of my heart in a silver machine. In the meantime, I try to remember on my own... not that easy, but they say that if it comes to you once, it will most likely come to you again. Let's hope... Lxo