New Music Video!


All at once, I awake to the realization I have not yet posted my new video to my website. This should be something I should have done the same day I released said video, if not before! I guess it is true, I won’t shift into the Bright Eyes Bushy Business Tailed Artist anytime soon… Much to the chagrin of that part of me that lives in me. Yes, she is in there, but her voice seems to remain at whisper level. I hear her, I just talk above her most of the time. Well, this morning I awoke to a much louder version of Bushy Tailed Me, and thought, alright, alright, I will get to it, in the case that there are actually people who return to my website looking for something new, well, here it is …

SIREN was written through a stream of consciousness, one of those songs that comes out in poetic form and quite quickly! This is rare for me, usually I take much longer and over analyze every word, but somehow, this one just arrived. And BOY! Did it ever! What a message. Not the most playful or the sweetest tunes I have written, that is for sure! Alas, here it is, out for the world to take on as their own and make of it what they will. I hope it will inspire you to want to be better, be better to yourselves, each other and oh so importantly Mother Earth. Step by step we can be the change!

This video was recorded in Wakefield, Quebec by David Irvine of Red Boler Videos. The theater I performed it in was also used in a photo shoot I did with David ten years earlier. Time flies when you are having fun!!

Enjoy the new music…

Here are the lyrics:


Sitting around on this old couch, strumming my guitar up here in this old farmhouse

I have so many questions I don't know where to start, and I don't know if I even want to go there

See, it's 2019 and there's just so much plastic, filling up the sea, killing you, killing me

That six letter word has become too common, "Capital C" doesn't surprise me

Oooo Ooooo Oooo (etc)

I've lost all sensation, I don't get shocked, I can't be heard, I don't listen, nothing means a lot

Sensory deprivation, over medication, can't hear right, see right, do wrong

You take my joy, filling me up with gray, poisoning my food, taking my innocence away

Too many guns, they're not emptying themselves out, same hands could have pulled me up instead

Ooooo Oooo Ooo (etc)

Talking about triggers, even fireworks, unexpected fears, they even pop pills in your beer, gotta be careful, gotta stay on top, can't take a break, can't think, can't breathe, can't stop

Happiness is just a word on the tip of my tongue, climb another rung, get rich, get higher, go bigger, go better, spend a thousand bucks on a sweater

Made in China, made in Taiwan, made in India "made with Love"

Made in China, made in Taiwan, made in India "made with Blood"

We are all tuned out, tuned into our phones, building walls. protection, stone by stone

We don't talk anymore, I can't look into your eyes, won't get my hands dirty but I'll help you spread your lies

What garden? Where does food come from?

I live in cement, metal, glass and iron

Oooo, oooo oooo (etc)