An Audience of Trees

Some days I hike into the woods and sit in the trees, pondering life, breathing in that life-giving goodness. I try to focus on exactly what is around me, on exactly what I am feeling, what I hear, what I smell... As easy as it sounds, I find it hard not to let my mind wander into what will be. 


I attended a healing ceremony this past weekend. It helped me in many ways. I rested, I dreamed and I learned. One of the practices I learned to bring into my life is to try my best to focus on "the now." Such a cliché. I know. Be in the now, focus on the moment. Haven't we all been told this, haven't we all read this over and over? When does wisdom sink in, finally? Does it take a weekend of meditiation of an ancient kind? Does it take a weekend spent in a sanctuary of sorts? For me, I think it might just be exactly what it took.



But I know this is just the beginning of something. It will take a lifetime of practice  and discipline. It does seem a little quieter and more peaceful, that somehow, maybe I am closer to spirit? I hope this insight stays up front. By "up front" I mean, I hope this new wisdom does not get lost somewhere deep inside again. I must remember that I have this knowledge, that we all have this knowledge, this 'knowing.' The answers are there, we only need to tune in. Finding stillness and really listening, now therein lies the challenge! Quieting all the noise, tuning in, breathing in, taking care of oneself, finding the courage to step away from the ego...


Nothing is black or white. What might be black for one is purple for another, there is no absolute right or wrong. One has to feel it out, does it feel bad, does it feel good? Your senses are intuitive. They know!   We all live here, searching for something to hold onto, searching for value and happiness. When I asked both of my parents, separately, what they thought the purpose of life was, they both said "To have fun, to live a joyous life." Both of them worked really hard and are now retired, living out their own dreams now and I am beginning to see. We just have to look for it and we will see! See?


Life is long (unless it is cut short!) But if I live as long as my grandparents, I sure have a way to go! I can only hope that I will honour myself first and continue to honour you as well. We are all in this together, so let's help each other! Create smiles, create Love! (click on LOVE, you will see the most amazing and short documentary about an old man in Bermuda who shares his Love every day! Old man Johnny Barnes, I thank you!)

Here is another video, a music video, that I think sums up what I have been saying here quite nicely. One of my dear and musical friends from across the ocean, just released it... Click HERE to watch :) And please, inspire, and be inspired!


Lindsay xo