On Social Media



Once upon a time I was very involved in Social Media. Now, I am a dabbler. Years ago, I met a friend who is smarter than most when it comes to computers and the evolution of Social Media (Thank you Jef Harris of Chaos Academy!). He helped me with this website, even before I had recorded my first full length record, "Sound." He helped me set up my Myspace page (now obsolete) and encouraged me to post regularly on Facebook when it first started. He has been sending me links, setting me up with various platforms (Soundcloud, Instagram, Itunes, Twitter etc) and has helped me, immensely, with all things 'computery,' aiding me in getting these links OUT there. He is the one that said "post a blog WEEKLY, do a PODCAST bi-weekly, the people WILL come!" And I was (and have been) trying (all of my previous podcasts are up at Itunes.) However, more and more I am not inspired to continue as fervently. After days, weeks and months of going hard at it, finding things to write about, to talk about... I have finally realized that, for me, it is about the craft of music itself. I enjoy writing, I do, and I like to keep you up to date, but I have to be honest here.. I wonder, what do I have to say that is really so important, that can't be written poetically into a song? I really LOVE LOVE writing three to four minute songs, shedding light on various life issues and experiences, but this 'writing essays' thing can be tough. I understand that the life I have chosen "in the spotlight" so to speak, a person who is in pursuit of a musical life, should be very involved in Social Media. I understand that, which is why I have any platforms at all, but this 'Vanity Vibe' is getting tired. Don't you think?? Perhaps offering up words of wisdom is better coming from place of music, the real Universal Language. I will continue to share my dreams and ideas, I promise! This is a never-ending fight, 'til the end! However, this 'up in your face' thing is not what I would like to do, even if it is something I am supposed to do, it just doesn't feel right to me somehow. I enjoy a lengthy conversation about life, but to me, it seems MOOT if it is just one sided. I suppose it's a conundrum of sorts... One must keep connected to their fans and friends, but how in the world did they do it before the internet? Music has been around a LONG time.

 I heard recently by a whack of folks (in the industry) whom I highly respect, that websites are soon to be obsolete! People (festival and venue bookers) are turning more and more to social media sites such as 'Soundcloud' for a listen, rather than perusing all that websites have to offer. The saddest thing of all is that people won't be leaving their house, what with all the live streaming and music available at the click of a button. I remember years ago a venue owner (and friend of mine) saying, you just watch Lindsay, folks aren't going to go out anymore to enjoy Live Music, and boy, was he spot on!!! These are uncertain times for an artist and a venue owner. That 'back and forth' energy between myself and the listener, THAT is what keeps me in this circle of sound. I have to have it. The real feeling between souls connecting. Yes, it might sound 'wishy washy' but it is what it is. There is nothing like a real live and intimate concert setting. Nothing beats the real thing. So, get out there and enjoy that. Long Live LIVE Music.

In the meantime, you can find me in 'push button form'  at any of the Social Media sites I have listed earlier on in this essay/blog. Onwards and upwards.... Ho!

p.s Here are the lyrics to my newest song.... Seem kind of fitting to this topic:


I'd give it all up....

What does any of it really mean? You gotta push, push, push 'til ya push, push, pushed it away!  What then, when you're left with not a thing? It makes me nutz thinking how we break it up to start it over again...... I'd give it all up

Tsk, tsk, tsk! You know, you're doing it wrong, see, I'm a pro, pro, pro watch me go, go get outta town! What now, how can I follow you plan, I gotta figure it out on my own to understand..... I'd give it all up

So used to making it all about the show... Teach me something I do not know! Attracted by all things shiny, twisted and strange... these ROBOTS keep me from being the change......... 

Touch me, swipe me to the left to the right, I watch the feed, feed, feed see you bleed, bleed into the night, hold still! Look what comes in clear! Magnetized glass, metal finger! 

I'd give it all up....