Exit David Bowie

When I was about fifteen years old, I heard David Bowie for the first time, courtesy of my big brother Jeff. Jeff was (and still is) introducing me to new music. Thank you brother, I will never forget your generosity, I just Love you so much!! Well, in comes Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes and it does exactly that. I am changed forever. A new window to my life, which had been closed and covered (but there) since the day I was born, had been unshut. It was the first time that I had a soundtrack to my life which gave me confidence. Listening made me feel like I was a part of something super amazing. His music didn't make me feel the same as my idols Cyndi Lauper or Madonna, but rather more grown-up somehow or like I was finally connected to or made more aware of the music stream that was flowing within. David Bowie gave me my first taste of inner-enlightenment. So I will thank you, Starman, for sharing your humongous gift. Here is his latest video released just days before his death... I have woken up with the song and images from the video for the last few days... It gets right in there!!  Introducing "Blackstar." Warning, this is a true piece of art, featuring extreme ARTISTRY.



What were your earliest memories of his music and the way he made you feel? The out-pouring of LOVE that is being shown by SO many different types of people  all over social media.. the array of lives he has touched... I am Loving reading the stories from people who have had the incredible fortune to meet him in real life. Alas, his music lives on, his art lives on. Lucky us!!

In other news, well.. That will have to wait.

Pressing pause to think about and listen to a little Bowie.

Join me?