I used to live on the west coast of Ireland. Over there they use the term "sound" to describe how they are feeling, if all is going accordingly & if the weather is fine. I took this expression home with me, a very short and easy way to say "I'm/it's or all" is sound. So when I was figuring out what I would like to name my album this word/expression came to mind! "Sound." it is!! Recently I met a the presdient of a distribution label, JMAC distribution and they are going to re-release my album, sometime this summer, distribuiting it across Canada. I am so chuffed about this (happy!!) and look forward to the tour that will get my new album heard. If you care to hear snippets of this wonderful creation, click on the play button to the right! If you wish to hear a live performance please check my schedule and come on down. I head to Bermuda to play a show tomorrow... I was born in Bermuda and can't wait to get back to my beautiful Island. I am an island girl at heart, surrounded by the sea is is truly where I long to live, in the meantime I am Loving Toronto. Most of my life has been spent living in small cities, towns and villages... it's such a great change being smack dab in the middle of all the mayhem. There are so many darn opportunities here, if you are ever thinking of moving into the big city, I highly reccommend it. The spring sun is lighting my way these days, it is so alive here. I can't tell you how much moving here has changed my spirit for the better. Sometimes change is all you need. And imagine that, it's the one constant thing in this crazy world we live in!! Yes!! Come see me sometime, I would Love to sing for you. That's a promise. Lxo