Holy Bermuda!!

As I sit in the muggy air of Bermuda & listen to the tree frogs whistling away, I can't help but conjure up memories from my childhood. I was born here  and lived here on this pink beachy island for four years. It's amazing how sound can flood your brain with instant memories... and at nighttime, the scent of all the flowers come together enticing you to walk over to any one bloom and stick your nose right in. Innocence reborn, time and time again. I played a show here as part of the Bermuda Folk Club, right under the moonshine and beside the sea. The most beautiful gig yet!! It beats a divey dark bar any day!! I leave for home, Canada, very shortly only to get back and submerse myself in the tales and sounds of North by North East... a great festival conference in Toronto. I'll write about that next week, in the meantime, don't forget to stop and smell the roses. Lxo