Barefoot Blues all the way!!

The Ottawa Bluesfest truly obliterates any pre-conceived notion that Ottawa is a "straight edged" town. (period!) Did you indulge? Idid. I walked, I ran, I hooted, I sang and I cried. Actually, to name every emotion is well, impossible! They musicians overwhlemed me, the Sun and the Moon inspired me, the food tantalized me, the people danced with me and the songs will stay with me forever. We, (my bandmates: Chris Hopkins, Armand Vienneau and Rob Rose)  played a stellar show inside this year at The Barney Danson theatre. We were the organized chaos in the middle of it all!! Check out a video blog with Lynn Saxberg of The Ottawa Citizen and myself on Youtube...I was still feeling the highs of our Friday night performance, so excuse the fast-paced chatting!!!  I am still waiting for some recorded video of our show, but soon I will upload some onto the net, and you can see (hear) for yourselves!! What an incredible 11 days of ridiculous running around from stage to stage to stage.... Martha Wainwright was beautiful, Jose Gonzalez was haunting, The Hip were rockin', Corb Lund was pure country and Feist was fantastic!!! Can't wait til next year.... in the meantime, my next shows are in St. John's Newfoundland where I will be a part of the St. John's Folk Festival and I'll play at a couple of great live venues; The Rose & The Grapevine. Hope to see you there!!! Don't forget, spread the word on this "Word of Mouth" campaign "Lindsay Ferguson Music" Forever!!!