Five days of Moon.

Yeah, it seemed as though the Moon was out every night up at the Lake, in it's full sometimes orange glory. I was away from phones and computers, and what a strange world without them. It's quiet. Except for the trees and the bees and the water rushing....there isn't much noise at all. What a world we live in, where natural sounds are almost extinct, what with the never-ending hum of the computer or the fridge. I guess one day we shall have to go back to listening to the sounds of nature over a nice warm fire, our gardens blooming in the backyard. In the meantime the modern day beeps and sounds will be the music to our ears with the occassional symphony of sound in the background, at the cottage. One feels quite small in all that quiet... sometimes it's the voices in our head that become loudest, and that's when I pick up the guitar and start to sing. Whatever I do or see or hear, one thing is for sure, Music wins every time.  I head to Newfoundland very soon for a few weeks of sun (?) surf, rain, song, festivals, friends and fish, fresh fish ooh laa laa..... What will you be doing?