Foggy Daze & a Wine Stained Wedding

Here I sit, listening to the fog horn out over the narrows in St. John's Newfoundland. Everything is slower here, except for the jigs and reels. I must apologize to the readers out there who missed last weeks weblog. I've been lacking in one thing here on "The Rock" and that is: sleep. It's amazing what you can do with your eyes open. Thank you visine. This has been one of the busiest weeks for me, a very close friend just got married... on the streets of St. John's no less!! We decked up the place, flowers, lace, red carpet... you name it. One thing these newfs really know is how to throw a wedding. Seven days of deliverance, divinity and debauchery. Thank you Undrea and Bart. The skies have been mostly grey with rain and wind, but there's something about being here, something special that you don't really notice the lack of sun. The houses here are all bright and colourful, I'm talking crazy combinations of colour, like royal blue and orange, light pink with red, peach and olive green.... so many, and these houses are perched on the many hilly streets all joined together... it's quite eye-catching indeed. Today is my first day off, I had a smashing gig last night at The Grapevine, I LOVE St. John's and you never know, one day I might live here again (staying away for the winters mind you!!) THis weekend I play at The Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival. It is going to be a splendid performance, one that I will share with Ron Hynes, Blair Harvey, Colleen Power and Amelia Curran. What an honour to be on stage with these amazing musicians for a song circle. You have no idea. Maybe google them if you don't know their music. Be inspired by some  East Coast (real East Coast) talent.  In the meantime, my next mainland gig is on the 21st of August at The Black Sheep Inn and then in Toronto at Nathan Philips Square on the 27th of August. Hope some of you can make it... LIfe is good. Treat it well. Love Lindsay