Vancouver SEA

Greetings from 40000 feet up in the air! What a treat to be up here looking down on the beautiful world below. I am on my way to Vancouver to play my first gig out there! I’m stoked! The last time I was on the West Coast was almost 15years ago!! I remember thinking that I could never spend too long away from those heavenly mountains, and everyone that knows me, says that once I get out there, there will be no coming back. Who knows what the future will hold, the Ocean and the Mountains in one place???? Could be too good to be true! In any case I will certainly make the most of my trip and soak it all up!! The last 12 days of my life were spent listening to and dancing along with some phenomenal bands from all over the world at the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest. What an intense music festival… amazingly intense!!! 6 stages filled to the brim with Luscious Live Music… from Paolo Nutini to Les Claypool, from K’Naan to Cake from Ice Cube to Mother Mother to KISS!! The list is too long and I’m not sure I remember everything… what a whirlwind of stellar, legendary stuff… I implore you to take off 2 weeks next July and come to Ottawa, really, Ottawa!! It’s not as conservative & dry as everyone thinks. Truly! Anyway, if you happen to read this and are looking to check out a gig, I am getting better at uploading my gig listings here on this site, otherwise check out my MYSPACE site Also check out some videos that were shot at the Bluesfest by going to youtube and type in my name, I think there are already about 3 up there… including a tribute to Michael Jackson… “Don’t Stop (til you get enough). What a royal blast July has been. Type soon, next time from the ground perhaps??? Lindsay xo