Facing fears is a natural progression in order to make beautiful things happen. This past weekend, I travelled 50miles down a white water river in a white water raft, and I did NOT fall out. It was one of the scariest things I have ever embarked upon, but I did it and am a better woman for it. I spent four days up in the Chilkotens, Northern British Columbia Canada, hired to perform for thrill seeking individuals, not knowing that I too would be one of them. Travelling vertical in white water, something like a rollercoaster effect, was never my idea of fun, but now that I have completed the task at hand, I may just try it again one day!! Many thanks to Brian McCutcheon (ROAM) for believing that a musical guest on such an adventure would be a highlight, the highlight for me was his energy and belief in this small town clutzy, non sportswoman. What a blast, and I really have no words except to say, I believe, I desire and I am refreshed. A new song is a must… the mountains, fresh air and stunning waters out there is life changing indeed. I am flying right now, literally, somewhere over Manitoba and I can still feel the buzz (could be my 3rd cup of coffee) I am on my way to BLUESKIES MUSIC FESTIVAL, another little spot I like to call heaven on earth. My next Ottawa show is on Thursday the 13th of August at Zaphod Beeblebrox with Chris Velan and Ana Miura, a couple of talented music makers, if I do say so myself!! Life is beautiful and I am so very thankful for all of it. I truly hope to sing for you soon!!! Check out youtube for some great videos of me & my band, shot at this years’ Ottawa Bluesfest!! Ciao from 40000 feet up in the air… somewhere over Manitoba I think… Lindsay xox