Moody Blues

Greetings my Beloved Readers... Somedays, nothing seems beloved, there's only a vast empty hollow dark spot, where once there was singing & dancing & thinking about great things. It's strange really, who's to say what we're gonna feel like when we wake up... sometimes good, sometimes not so good. I can totally understand, feeling empty after a great night out... using up all the good stuff on dancing, drinking and talking (maybe a bit too much!) But this whole going to bed early with a nice Cuppa Tea... then getting up & wanting to stay in bed all day... what is that about when there's too much to do to be lazy... Ah well, there are so many damn questions out there to be answered and I suppose life is what happens in the meantime. Now, don't get me wrong, I certainly couldn't be writing this if I was feeling hollow, no I don't go out or answer the phone when I'm in that place... It's easy to talk about this shit after the fact... and seeing as there are no answers, you just have to go through it, hanging onto the rhythm, knowing that will never stop...Thank god for the rhythm.