Nominated by the Ottawa Xpress, BEST NEW MUSICAL ARTIST 2008!! Vote for me!!!

Greetings from what appears to be a Spring-like day. We had a blizzard a few days ago, out here in the hills. The snow came roaring down and attacked all the glorious trees, breaking some and eliminating all of the colours down to the ground.  No more Autumn in an instant. But now, all the white stuff is gone and I am flat out confused. I think being a Canadian means being a "Seasonal" person. Somewhere deep inside there is a 'seasonal change' box that just knows when to switch to the next phase....well, mine doesn't know if it's living in Spring or Winter or somewhere between.  How about you? One day the skis are out, the next day jean jackets! Whatever the case, confused or not, life is indeed strangely beautiful. I spent my Halloween listening to one of my favourite bands "The Sun Parlour Players". They are mad good, sweaty folk rock good. I passed the evening as a blood-sucking Vampire. It was great, noone knew who I was, so I could REALLY dance as if noone was watching.... I'm not such a dancer, usually I have to be filled with vast glasses of beer and even then it's like pulling teeth. I am meant for singing, that's my excuse but it doesn't always work that way. Especially if Loudlove is playing, they are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE OTTAWA BAND!!! Please check them out, they are on their way to the stars. NO doubt about it. When it comes to their music, beer or no beer, costume or no costume, I am all over that dance floor. Speaking of dance floors, "The Sadies" are playing on my birthday in Ottawa at Barrymore's. I think it'll be a swell night, so if you are reading this and are anywhere near Bank street on the 14th, let's have a cheers!!! I will keep you posted with what's happening next, but for now I have my fingers crossed that I will be voted "Best New Musical Artist of 2008" by the Ottawa Xpress. It's not usually my luck to win anything, but maybe, just maybe  I will get lucky this time (with your help!!)Go to

MERCI!!! xo

Spicy Summer Daze...

Greetings to the Lovely people out there who read this... you know who you are!!! I spent the day on the dock soaking in some Vitamin D, drinking some vitamin C (C for Coronita) and swimming in some vitamin G (G for Gatineau River). I think THIS combination was what I REALLY needed to get rid of this ever-lasting but FINALLY gone cold...Thank you dear delicious life for giving me the will to drive, ride, sail safely through this terminated illness. It's really amazing to think about what CAN actually happen, I mean, one mintute you are hacking a lung, in tears over the agony, never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, then the next minute, or at least a couple of weeks later, there I am, sitting in the sunshine with a goofy grin on my face. LIke the old fashioned saying, overly said saying, heard it too many times saying: Time heals!!! And dammit it's true. So in this wee note, I am giving thanks to the world, that it keeps turning round and round and remember, the sun'll come out tomorrow!!! And just for the record, I can't leave a weblog without some form of gig or music mention... so here it is; this weekend I will embark on another mini-tour... this time heading to Camden East on Friday where I will play at a very sweet looking place called The Bookstore Cafe, then heading to Napanee to play at another sweet cafe on Saturday night at The Music Market, then to head to Music on the Mountain Festival near Picton Ontario, at Lake on the Mountain Resort. And not to forget, SUMMER IS NOT OVER!!! Woo hoo hoo!!! Much Love on this DAY!! Lindsay

To be Continued!!

Greetings you fine people out there. What an incredible Canadian Music Week in Toronto. I had no idea how HUGE this week was going to be. It was an enormous gigantic rush of people in the music industry, all with the same agenda; talk, listen, learn & play!!! What wonderful things to have in common with one another. The energy was great, I just couldn't believe how friendly and wide-eyed every one seemed to be. There were SO many highlights, I just don't know where to begin, hence the title of this blog (I always dislike that word, oh blog!!) "To be continued" because I know there will be more moments to add as the weeks go by. I really am still flying.... one things for sure, if you would like to hear a bit of the hustle and bustle and an interview with me including exerpts from my new album "sound" have a listen to CFRB Toronto's News Talk Radio on the 23rd of March at 6pm. You can also go to their website & have a listen online at I will start by telling you about one major highlight and that was: Having the privilege to hear Alanis Morrissette answer some very personal questions, 20 feet away from me!! Yeah, she was interviewed for an hour... and truly spoke to my heart. She is an inspirational creature, spiritual & quite beautiful. Chatting with Garth Hudson of "The Band" was pretty awe inspiring as well. So I will leave you with that wonderful taste in your mouth and write a little later.... Love Lindsay

Moody Blues

Greetings my Beloved Readers... Somedays, nothing seems beloved, there's only a vast empty hollow dark spot, where once there was singing & dancing & thinking about great things. It's strange really, who's to say what we're gonna feel like when we wake up... sometimes good, sometimes not so good. I can totally understand, feeling empty after a great night out... using up all the good stuff on dancing, drinking and talking (maybe a bit too much!) But this whole going to bed early with a nice Cuppa Tea... then getting up & wanting to stay in bed all day... what is that about when there's too much to do to be lazy... Ah well, there are so many damn questions out there to be answered and I suppose life is what happens in the meantime. Now, don't get me wrong, I certainly couldn't be writing this if I was feeling hollow, no I don't go out or answer the phone when I'm in that place... It's easy to talk about this shit after the fact... and seeing as there are no answers, you just have to go through it, hanging onto the rhythm, knowing that will never stop...Thank god for the rhythm.