Greetings from Sunny humid Bermuda. I played a show here last night, and it was marvellous. When I was a kid, I used to catch fish in the shallow waters with my brother, and now, I am singing beside the water where the fishies have no fear. I was setting up last night, and thought, boy, here it is, the gig I have been waiting for all these months. Here I am doing my sound check (with sound guy Mike from Nova Scotia!) thinking to myself, time really flies, and here I am, living out the dream I had imagined for so long! You see, it's a sweet gig. People actually listen, and it's outside, under a sunset, singing to listening ears beside aqua blue can't really get much better. So here I write a BIG thank you to beautiful Bermuda and of course The Bermuda Folk Club! Bermuda itself is a gorgeous tiny Island south of Halifax, in the great wide Atlantic. The houses are multi-coloured with white limestone rooftops. The streets are super narrow, and they drive on the left. It's actually heart stopping at times as there are so many corners and bends in the road, and not many sidewalks, and many many people driving, riding and night it's extremely loud with the sound of tree frogs chirping, and you would think it would be a neat way to fall asleep, but there is always one little bugger too close to your open window, chriping away grinding your tired brain. Thankfully I have earplugs, a ceiling fan and the ability to shut the window!! Ha! I went to the beach yesterday, and further out from shore there are a bunch of reefs, fit with coral, sea anenomes and many types of shiny coloured fish. I brought my goggles but had to come up for air, which was kind of a let down, as swimming under the sea with all it's wonder is something that is better off without the need for oxygen. Ah well, I am human! The beaches are indeed pink and pretty darn gorgeous!! The air here is humid, which makes for humid everything. At home, the food is sealed in air tight bags because if you open crackers and leave them for even an hour, they go stale! Oh, and hair doubles in size, there is no such thing as flat hair here, and if you are like me with a little natural curl, it turns into the most delightful frizz!! Perhaps not so delightful, but big as heck!!! Most of the food here is imported, except for fruit, milk, eggs and corn. The corn is explosively delicious and I can't even type the word PEACH without my mouth watering. My friends here have a peach tree, and it makes for an amazing morning treat, mmMmmm, plucked fresh! Press was generous with me and I am enclosing a few links for your reading pleasure! My next gig is in Elphin Ontario, as part of Elphin Music Fest... it's on the 26th of June (I can't seem to get the 25th date erased, incase you think it's 2 nights, it's only one night!) and there are heaps of great musicians playing. Elphin is about an hour and a half west of Ottawa, check it out if you can!! In the meantime, I think I will head back to the beach soon with some heavy SPF to be sure. Of course, heading home later to see the "True Blood" season premiere! Ya! Life is good. Bermuda's Royal Gazette Bernews See you soon Canada, Love Lindsay xo