From 42000 Feet In The Air

As I am flying over the islands of Bermuda, regarding the different shades of turquoise meets blue, I see a shipwreck. A fully sunk, covered in reef and coral, perfectly fallen vessel, laying the rest of it’s days on the bottom of the sea. It makes me wonder what’s out there, in the bottom of that sleeping ship, in some nook or cranny, not yet visited special place, perhaps holding a secret that will be forever kept?  What a day to leave, the sun is still shimmering on the Atlantic, as I gaze out into the great big open space, filled with memories from the past two weeks, and the knowledge that a new song is coming. Sitting here in the plane, writing on my little laptop, listening to the earpopping shrieks of a child not two or three rows behind me, I am content. Content in that I am where I am supposed to be and content in knowing that I will be heading home to Canada, the best country in the world. Sometimes I forget how good it is in my native home, and it helps, going away for awhile, helps me to realize how great it is, with all it’s lakes, rivers, bbq’s, family, festivals  and friends. That said, it is often hard to leave any given place for too long. I am sure I have mentioned in previous notes, that saying goodbye is the hardest part about travel, especially when Love is involved. Love comes in many forms, and this time around, I fell in Love with a special family of four, the family with whom I had the pleasure of staying with for nearly two weeks. What an amazing thing, watching and living in amongst a family that is not “yours.” Having young children and making everything “work” is the toughest job in the world, and while I know it’s hard with two parents, I can’t even, don’t WANT to even imagine what it’s like as a single Mummy or Daddy. I praise all of you hard working, Loving and caring parents out there,  it’s anything but easy! I think I will stay away from that for awhile, and let you all take care of it for now!! Of course, that said, it takes a village to raise a child, and I am part of that  village and most certainly Love all of it’s children. But yes, for now, condoms!!!! Hahahaa!! On a side note, musically speaking, I finished a new song whilst in Bermuda called “Right About You.” It’s kind of a biographical song, which speaks of unconditional Love, and I suppose if one doesn’t have it for oneself, one had better start learning how to make it happen, It’s just SO much easier this way! I posted the lyrics on my myspace blog perhaps you might like it! It’s Canadian debut will take place on Saturday the 26th of June at 9:20ppm as part of “Elphin Music Festival” in Elphin Ontario. Hope to see you there, in the meantime, Peace, Love & Light, Lindsay xo