Written from the passenger side of a Dodge ’92 on the Trans Canada Hwy

  I have just exited Jasper National Park, on entry we were greeted by grazing Elk, majestic beautiful animals, brave and seemingly quite tame. On exiting we were greeting by a pack of mangy big horned Sheep, also quite tame and not bothered by the click of a camera lense. The journey, so far, across Canada has been immense, refreshing and, well,  other worldly. Other worldy because, well, I feel like this Dodge has been transformed into a time machine, mostly because every night spent in a different town and every morning waking to another view is surreal. Also because the terrain of Canada is “8th Wonder-esque, there is no better place on Earth for exciting always changing scenery. If you are reading this, and have been contemplating driving across this stunningly stellar country, I say you MUST. It’s really not as intimidating as I thought it would be. Back home, I put a map of Canada on the wall, marking all the stops with a colour top pin. Envisioning the drive seemed almost impossible while looking at this country as a whole, but once out there, it really isn’t boring at all, and there are always places to stop and stretch along the way. So I highly recommend, even if you aren’t promoting a new album, go for the drive! Of course, this trip hasn’t been all “up and up.” Trying to break into the Canadian music scene on the West coast, wihtout a label or publicist  has been incredibly…hmmm…choose my words carefully… NOT easy. Thankfully I am of the state of mind “The journey is the reward.” And it all starts somewhere, right? We were filling up in some small town in B.C and the attendant noticed I had a guitar and was on tour (thanks to my Mum, having magnets made for the side of my van, featuring ME holding said guitar, my name etc printed on it, I love ya Mum!!) Anyway he mentioned how Alabama almost quit as a band, just before they got their break…it got me thinking on all the other stories I have heard about other bands almost giving up, and then, just around the corner BAM! They were in the right place at the right time. So does that mean I have to pretend to quit in order to get my break? Who knows… we all have our own path, that is for certain. IN the meantime, my last CD release TOUR show (this leg, anyway, East Coast dates, coming soon!) will be on July 5 at The Ottawa Bluesfest. Opening for Tegan & Sara no less! Excited? OH YES! xo