Living in the Van

It’s not as tough as one would think. I guess the toughest part is finding a shower, lake or river every few days. Having lived out of a van for the past month, it has  a certain sense of freedom, unlike any other. Recently, I just moved from one apartment to the other, and I truly thought I didn’t have that much stuff. Talk about “stuff” being anchors. I am sore all over and my new room looks like dynamite went off in there. Sure, all I have fits in one room, but just having the bare necessities when living in your van is just so much more… simple? It seems as if I get rid of a big bag of clothes every 6 months, only to find more that I don’t want or need. I guess we had better have a clothing exchange SOON ladies! What is it with our obsessions over the material items? Why do we have, collect, feel the need to attain so much stuff? Maybe it was the moon last night, but I couldn’t shake this heavy feeling, wishing we were having a garage sale right there and then. Are you better than me if you have 5 cars and I have 1? Are you better  than me if you have 10 dresses and I have 6?  Is it really that important to have so much stuff? Why is it somehow a measure of one’s worth if they have 25 of something that you only have 2 of. I just don’t get it. I have always heard the expression “less is more.” So why aren’t people picking up on this and learning from it? Do you feel more secure knowing that you house is full to the brim, probably even your basement is full to the brim with boxes filled with things you haven’t even looked at in years. Sure, maybe those things are heirlooms or they might be worth triple the amount in 20 years, but you sure as heck can’t take it with you when you go. All these companies advertising “bigger, better, newer.” No thanks, I am fine with the strereo that already works, the record player that skips sometimes, the toaster oven that toasts fine, the mobile phone that actually takes phone calls, the camera that actually takes photos. Shoes on the other hand, now THAT is an entirely different story. If you are reading this today, I am playing my final set at The Ottawa Bluesfest, though THIS time, its’ a 12noon show and it’s a special stage at Ottawa’s Rideau Centre. Signing out now, maybe I should blog only AFTER my first cuppa joe? Ha! I challenge you to get rid of some of your stuff, donate it, burn it!!! (Oh and on a side note you I really WILL be getting a new website soon. AND you reailly WILL be able to purchase my new record online soon.) Lindsay xo