Save the Gatineau

This Saturday night at The Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, I am performing for this very important benefit on behalf of the beloved Gatineau River. They, the "bad" people want to put in a septic sludge plant, that will run into the River. When we had our power outage a week or so back, we used the River for everything, for four days, I had drinking water, bathing water etc etc. If there was a septic plant pouring into the Gatineau, a lot of people would have suffered even more during that power outage. There are So many reasons I love that River, and I am NOT alone. Please come and support the River Lovers on a night of great music and good vibes. That's this Saturday night, August 6th. In other news, SOON my new album will be available for purchase on the world wide web, I will very definitely keep you posted. In the meantime stay in the Summertime xo