Living on a Farm with No Internet.

It’s not just any farm. It’s a horse ranch just outside of the beloved village of Wakefield Quebec.  When I was in my early teens both my neighbours had horses and I was always going up to the barn with them to brush, ride and generally fall in Love with their horses. I was desperate to have one, but there was no money for horses in my family. So I put my horse passion aside and was told by a psychic (a couple of years later) that one day I would live on a horse ranch….in Australia… well, er, this is no Australia, but it sure is a horse ranch and my teen Love for horses is slowly returning full force, I just have to let go of this “adult build-up” of fear and I will surely be back where I once was with stars in my eyes for those majestic beings. It’s happening though, every day I am spending time with them, getting to know them…there are 50 horses and 500 acres! It’s a new life for me and I am going cherish every second, even if there is no running water in our ‘make-shift’ kitchen and you can’t toast bread AND boil water at the same time, not to mention the ‘house mouse’ in our little sleeping cabin… it still feels like heaven and I am sure to miss this life once the Summer months are over. Carpe diem I say! Life definitely has different scenery, but the viewer is the same! Making music is still on the daily agenda, but there just isn’t much room for the business side of things (no internet, ranch duties etc) so the gig schedule isn’t filling as full & speedy as per usual, it’s a nice change though, playing my guitar with hay in my hair and singing songs with a touch more “cowboy.” I do have SOME gigs coming up though! Soon I am playing a show at The Black Sheep Inn, June 21st it’s my first Wakefield gig since December 2011, and I am excited to share some of the new songs I wrote while living in Switzerland.  Even better than THAT though, is how happy I am to be sharing the stage with two fabulous music makers; one who I found in Sioux Lookout last Summer on my cross Canada tour Mr. Nick Sherman and the other I found years ago while we were singing at a festival near Picton Ontario, Miss Emily Fennell (Miss Emily.) I am stoked to introduce you to MY new songs and theirs, so come on out to The Sheep on the 21st, it’s a Thursday night and the show starts at 8:30pm!