Hows this for a bio?

I've been singing since I can remember. My Dad used to interview me when I was a young thing and I would sing the answers in tune, it's in my blood I guess.If I knew how hard it would be to break into the music scene without money or connections, I would be a little more cautious, but I'd do it again in a heart beat. The most amazing things have happened to me because of this musical gift of mine. I have been pushing it out there, trying to get heard and doing it all on my own, with the Love and support from fans, friends and family. There is no way that I would be here now living as a full-time musician if it weren't for you people out there, the ones who are supporting my sound.

I have two full length albums now. The first one "Sound." Was recorded in 2007 and won "Best New Album" in Ottawa's artsy rag that no longer exists "The Ottawa Xpress" they also nominated my latest album "Monkeys Under Stars" as the "Best Album of 2011

Different people have reviewed me over the years, but one can't get too excited over what another says about their music. After all it's only ONE person's opinion... and you still have to carry on with your passions & dreams regardless of who thinks what. Ultimately you live with yourself every day and it's pretty important to keep yourself in line, inspired, in tune etc before anything or anyone else.

I really Love doing what I do, for the most part. I am my own boss and my life revolves around six strings, a few notebooks, bunch of pens and a whole lotta musical notes. I like singing a lot, and it's the BEST when I get off stage and people surround me with shrugs, hugs and butterflies. That's what this is all about for me, forget about social media, the actual show is worth all of the computer hours, the research, the let-downs and rejection.

Performance is the best, especially if you get to share the roster with such talent as Steve Earle, Kathleen Edwards, Ron Sexsmith, Yoav, Jeff Martin, Tegan & Sara... the list goes on! One time I did a radio show and David Gray was performing after me, another time I was getting heckled by Emilio Estevez when I was singing in California. Lately though, I came to the conclusion that sharing my music is really the best thing I can do. I always like to perform etc but it started feeling like a "job" and when I was touring in Ireland, I found out how much I REALLY needed to play, how much it's in my blood and how no matter what, the music isn't going anywhere. I am so lucky and honoured to have this and I can only hope that I won't ever take it for granted.

I sing about people things. I mean, relationships that people have with each other or how life gets in the way sometimes or how people have to battle addictions or how we can all live pretty happily with very little. I sing true stories and songs that come from pretty deep beautiful places. You should have a listen sometime if you haven't already. It's pretty awesome therapy, that's for sure!

At heart, I am a country girl and I am told almost weekly that I need to record a country album and while I want to one day, I can't really control what type of song is going to fly out of me when I start to write, so in time we shall see, but I did record ONE country song on my latest album, it's called "Lose my Grip." Most of my songs are pretty melodic and roots based with elements of soul and pop.

It's hard to choose which songs to record, but I will take you on a ride when you come to a show sometime for sure. I've traveled with my music for the past few years, playing such countries as Bermuda, Switzerland and Ireland. Traveling across Canada is my favourite way to go, it's just such an epic, glorious country, I would advise anyone out there to drive across it before they die. Amazing and I can't wait to get out there again!

I was raised in Prince Edward County Ontario, but I am based, for now, out of the quaint little village of Wakefield Quebec. You should come here in the Summer, we have an awesome venue, voted in the Top 10 Canadian venues by CBC and it's listeners, it's called The Black Sheep Inn. I play there sometimes, it's pretty wonderful...

Anyway that's it for me, if you want to see videos or buy some of my music online, just google my name, it's pretty easy nowadays to find out if you like someone or not... ahhhh technology, only takes a few minutes!! Here are some pretty nice things that some Canadian music makers, who I value & respect have said about my music:

“A powerful, confident ball of fire Lindsay sings from her heart with abandon and truthfulness! “ Lily Frost

“Lindsay Ferguson = 25% passion, 25 % drive, 25 % silken honeyed vocals, 25 % songwriting prowess. A definite ‘must-see/must-hear.’” Kellylee Evans

“Lindsay Ferguson is a true siren. Her sophisticated songwriting perfectly accentuates the gorgeousness of her voice, with an unerring sense of melody. Captivating.” Geoff Berner "Lindsay's voice is powerful and evocative and gives me shivers every time I hear her perform" Ann Vriend

You decide :)