Singer on a Horse Ranch

Singer on a Horse Ranch I Love the smell of horses, but the peacocks, the roosters, the goats and the sheep that get me up in the morning, now that’s another story. (Har dee har har!) It has been quite an amazing experience/adventure; cuddling into these majestic beings, petting, brushing and riding these massive angels has been quite therapeutic. See, when you are on a farm, things go wrong ALL the time, power outages, floods, broken wheel barrels, running out of things you need right that second, lost dogs, escaped goats, accidents, cuts, dirt, dirt and more dirt. Actually, the dirt is fine, it keeps things real, and when you get in from a long day out and about this haven, you come in feeling like you’ve  really done something when you’re covered in dirt, dung an in the end, discovery.

I like it here, in my little cabin overlooking the pastures and the hills of the Gatineau. We (my handsome ranch hand and I) started growing food for the first time, delicious tomatoes! Only three cherries have turned red as of yet, but I can see some yummy sauces simmering in the future. Maybe next year we will try our hands at cukes and melons and peppers (oh my!)

I think the sound of the wind in the trees and the rain on this leaking roof are two of my favourite things out here. But the craziest sound so far had to be when a couple of days ago the electrical transformer blew up not 20 feet from where I lay sleeping… A poor old brilliant blue Blue-Jay flew in and immediately floated up to heaven. But not to worry, something good always comes from something bad and I will make use of his gorgeous feathers by turning them into wearable art… Blue Jay earrings anyone??

You would not believe the sunsets out here… I’ve seen some pretty great ones on the west coast of Ireland, but there is something about the air out here that just makes everything glow in a different manner. If I had to choose the most beautiful thing I’ve seen out here it would have to be this crazy bright big double rainbow that stayed with us for our entire ride when I first arrived. It was like I was being warned not to worry, not to stress but truly, just to enjoy the ride. And that I did. And that I am.