It's me! Out East :)

Yeah. It’s been awhile, awhile since I’ve written and much longer since I’ve been out here, inhaling the fresh sea air. I Love it out here, but it’s wet and muggy, the kind that doesn’t let up! I got soaked, traipsing around Halifax last night, my leather bag and boots are still wet.   It was however, and is wonderful to be back here. The last time I was in Halifax, it was a wintery blustery crazy snowing sideways kind of storm, I Loved it then too.  There’s just something about the East Coast.  I woke up this morning in a crooked house on a crooked street and to make things better, the sound of the fog horn made its way through the bathroom window and right into my imagination; insta-memories, insta-good feelings. Tonight I am playing a house concert in Dartmouth. House concerts are becoming more of a common way to enjoy musical performances, more intimately. Most people have never heard of house concerts, it’s true! But they are great, and so easy to pull off. You don’t need a big open loft style apt, or a large living room with 40 chairs.  They can be cozy-smush-together-on-the-couch and throw some pillows around, to ‘bring the outside chairs inside’ or vice versa depending on the weather…a table or counter with nibblies also helps. Anyway, google home routes, they have a system, one of which I would like to get to know… perhaps a home routes tour is in my future?? Oh and I should also mention ambience of sorts; i.e candle light?? Random candles in safe places everywhere, that is also recommended :)

2moro night, if you are in the Seaforth N.S area, I am singing by the Sea at so check it out if ya like :)


More to come… promise.