A blog of truth.

Hi world. How goes the battle?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Sorry Mum, sorry Dad.

I always think about how I really should write more on my very own website and then I get all up to date on Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation and the like and onto the hunger for pen, paper and guitar strings.

Recently, I have been writing quite a few new pieces. It fills me up, this music but finishing songs, now that is another story entirely. Do you have that problem? Perhaps you have more focus than me, and could send me a message, tips on how you make it happen?  I can of course finish a song, but heck I have more unfinished than ones in their entirety. It makes me crazy, knowing all these little stories are tucked away on countless notebook pages. Ready in waiting.

Writing music is therapeutic for me, however blogs are much harder. I mean, where do I start? The past seems over and gone, so should I write about what is next in my life? The future is uncertain at the best of times. I could write about right now, but I wouldn’t want to start a blog out by complaining that there is a rooster outside my door making me nutz. Even as I type, I am wearing ear plugs with hopes to escape that unnaturally high pitch rooster crow.

I could write about t what it’s like to be an artsy fartsy musician in the materialistic musical government. Oh, but I wouldn’t want to depress you with a blog about reality, because that would suck. And let me tell you, music doesn’t speak louder, so I am learning. It’s so sad, to actually write that sentence down, but it’s true and sometimes the truth hurts.

When I was footloose and fancy free, deep in the heart of innocence, nowhere near the knowledge of this money grubbing world, I saw my name in lights, and those lights were of the brightest kind. Lucky for me, I still have hope in my dreams and have experienced myself singing in lights, however, those moments are fleeting, over so soon, it always seems I am back at the drawing board with a big fat sticker at the top that says “NEED MORE.”

Once upon a time, I read that you don’t have to focus only on one thing in life to make you happy, that you can find joy in many things at any given time.  Finding amusement in the smaller things in life is a simpler way to live. Getting back to basics seems the one true way to keep this girl sane. Plucking guitar strings in a cabin on a ranch, cooking amazing healthy meals in a kitchen with no running water and only enough electricity to either toast or boil. Thankful for Coleman stoves, thankful for the smell of Fall, thankful for my friends who stop in for tea, thankful for afternoon rides through the forest, thankful for waking up every morning beside a man who Loves me, thankful for my family, thankful for the roosters feathers, thankful for you that is reading about my life, thankful you care.

I think I can finish one of those songs now.

Love, Lindsay xo