Sinterklaas, Santa Claus, Baileys, Oh MY!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening! How goes the battle out there, in the land of living rooms, offices and internet cafes? All is well over this way, for now. You never know what’s coming around the corner, so I like to take each day as it comes and when it gets hard, I always try to remember that tomorrow is indeed a new day. Times can be tough around this time of year. The other night as I was driving into the village of Wakefield to see this awesome band (The 50 Men) at The Black Sheep Inn, I decided to pick up a hitch hiker. He was young and very cold and very sad. My plans were detoured for an hour, while he warmed up, both physically and spiritually. It was a big beautiful moment, to drop him off with a joke on his lips and only an hour before, tears. I can’t help thinking about what may have happened to him had I not stopped. It was so cold out that night, and I’m pretty sure his skinny jeans wouldn’t have cut it. Things can happen that fast, in a blink of an eye, your whole world can change.  A single telephone ring, a single buck of a horse, a single solitary moment can change things forever.  THAT fast. So live it up while you can. Smile at a stranger, do a good deed, hand make something for your Loved ones for Christmas, just keep it simple. Just don’t worry.  

As I get ready to head back over to Europe for the winter and Spring, the memories of the past Summer and Fall come flooding, in a way that tells me this chapter is just about over. Talk about going back to basics, cooking in a kitchen with no running water, living in a cabin shared by mice, waking up to goat cries and peacock screams. What a ride, literally, riding the horses and getting to know what they are all about, how wonderful and passionate and caring they are.  I am truly going to miss this way of life, and if anything, I may just live a little more, in a “less is more” kind of way.  I realize that nothing good comes fast, especially when making breakfast or dinner in a kitchen built on one extension cord. Especially in the Canadian music industry, where I finally figured out the formula:  one song at a time.  Stepping out of the rush, taking things all a little slower has enriched my life to no end, learning patience, having faith and letting it all just flow.


The music never stops. Waking up and living each day to a soundtrack is my lifeline. So there are a couple of projects I am working on! New songs for a new Lindsay CD! One thing is for sure, that cabin with the mice proved to be a wonderful place to be creative. Also in the works is an electronic album. I’ve always wanted to sing on electro songs, dance songs, chill-out songs and now I am. We are still trying to find a name for our duo so we can start marketing ourselves, but so far, nothing has stuck. Perhaps you can help? Have a listen to two of our tracks and see what you think, email me at with any suggestions. Head on over to Soundcloud and play it loud!

Have a good holiday season folks, and here’s a mantra for you “People helping people.”

Love Lindsay xo