A Life in the Day of an Indie Artist

I live each day trying to fulfill my needs as a self-employed singer and song-writer which doesn’t always have to be that complicated and trying to explain what I do to people who are living by an entirely different set of rules, well, therein lies the complication. Talk about guilt! Some days on my list of things to do it goes a bit like: Make a fire, put the coffee on, do the dishes, check your emails, write a blog, pick up the guitar, work on songs, put more logs on the fire, fill up the wood box, prepare dinner, read a book, book a show, watch a movie, charge the phone, go to sleep. Some days the writing table is full of arts ‘n craft supplies, feather earrings!! Sometimes there is a yoga mat on the floor. Sometimes I get to talk on Skype to close friends and family, some days I get to go on hikes, you know, fuel for the soul and the songs. Some days I get to PLAY MUSIC in front of an audience.

These are pretty much the details that make up my life. I am also very lucky because I have a partner in crime who accepts and Loves me for who I am and what I do. I do not follow the normal day to day life that many of my friends have and it’s a bit hard for me sometimes because I am sure that there are people out there that do not appreciate my life, the life I chose, this independent set-your-own-rules way of living.

Talk about discipline! There is no one out there telling me what I have to do, no guidelines, no boss, so it’s all up to me.

I remember moving out of the house I grew up in, to University, where I could do whatever I wanted. I could eat marshmallows for breakfast and potato chips for dinner, there was no one to tell me any different. But through heartburn and tiredness I quickly learned how to eat better and be more attentive to my nutritional needs. Some days I feel like I am back there, in need of discipline and Mama’s knowledge.

I am still learning and still working hard to keep this musical ball rolling and it can be hard without a boss. I am not saying the grass is greener, but I am saying that I appreciate all of you who work so hard in a fixed schedule and sometimes I wish someone could arrange mine for me. Alas, this is my life and I am sticking to it.

Up with music!!