Broken But Not Lost

Hey everyone Here are a few words about my most recent accident...

Enjoy the read ;)


It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the breeze was floating ‘Simpson-esque’ clouds across the horizon, the air smelled of the salty sea and it was my birthday. Just north of the equator, basking in summer weather, while back home, it was in the minus degree section on the thermometer, there I was, feeling a tad sorry for myself. It could be partially due to the fact that I am prone to lunatic behavior around the full moon, but for whatever reason, something wasn’t sitting right in what should have been my “Happy Birthday” head. Could it be that somehow I was foretelling the impending future?  Whatever the case, I was forced to open my eyes to a new life, and soon.


A good friend was getting married on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, so a bunch of us filed into a silver bullet, flying south to an all-inclusive resort. It was one of those ‘one-week’ deals, and on the fifth day, only hours after the “I do’s” had been professed, some of us rented a boat for a day of ocean adventure. We swam in an underwater tropical fish tank of sorts. In essence a dream-come true for me. I am a water baby and one of my all-time favourite things to do is to swim with the fishes. I was enamored with the fresh and bright quick-moving colours, scattering across, under and through the corals. In my dream world, this is most likely where I would live!! What a way to spend my birthday!!


Soon, we would sail off to a smoother, calmer section of the beach. Our beach-front, at the resort where we were staying was covered in waves and body-surfing was rampant! Where we landed after snorkeling was an idyllic spot, had there not been two other big boats, filled to the brim with youngsters getting their party on, the music was blasting through epic speakers, and it was of the sort one might find at a dark disco, music I might have danced to in another lifetime. However, a few rum and cokes later, and we were all in the water dancing and laughing away, all one hundred and fifty of us!! It turned out to be one of the best moments ever, Ocean-Disco! The fun seemed endless and weeks later, I am grateful for these memories.


It wasn’t until we got back to the wavy waters of our beach, when to my surprise the water under the boat was much shallower that I had thought. I came to this realization when I jumped off the stern and felt something strange happen inside my leg. This was no ordinary sprain. The next few minutes are a blur, and for this I am happy, turns out I can block out pain memories!! Yay!


My foot expanded by double and I kept it raised with ice for the next two and a half days. We would be back in Canada on the Sunday morning, so I would wait it out until then.  The resort was happy to lend their crutches and here, the demise of a relationship would begin. Boy, do I look forward to the day that we say our good-byes!! When I got back home, the Dr’s found TWO breaks in my lower leg. The surgical term is called a 'Maisonneuve Fracture' a spiral fracture, where there is a small break in a bone somewhere in the ankle and the electricity of the break spirals up through the two leg bones and pops out of the fibula. Dr. said that the text book says SURGERY. I prayed for none of that, and I got what I wanted. A cast for six weeks, not so much, alas, no surgery!


So, here I am, bingo-wings decreasing and one hairier leg.


What a way to spend my birthday INDEED!!!

Bye for now, and Merry Christmas ya’ll :)



Lindsay xo