1000 Kisses, 8th Wonder

Hey Folks, I'm not much of a morning person, but this morning, when I got into the kitchen, the radio, MIX 97, was playing my song, 1000 Kisses. This made me very happy! People ask me what it's like to hear myself on the radio and I say "hell yeah, bring it on!!!" I haven't been pursuing the dream of music to have my first brand new album sit on a shelf!! Last night, my cousin was driving home and heard my song "8th Wonder" on The Bear, in Ottawa... what a thrill to get that message in my inbox this morning. I can feel it, it's just a matter of time now. I played a show last night and asked the audience if there was anyone out there who heard my songs on the radio, prompting them to come to a live show, and wouldn't you know it, hands went up!!! Thank you radio!! I can feel a new song coming... Lxo