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Soo Soo Studio!!

Hello fine readers, Music Lovers... whoever you are... I thank you for taking the time to stop by, on occasion to read the "goings-ons" in my life! Well, these days, I am thrilled to know that a new album will soon be in the works! April 30th will see me in the studio, embarking on my latest Labour of Love "Monkey's Under Stars." Producing the album will be Dean Watson of Gallery Recording Studios, in Ottawa Ontario. The thing that really excites me, is that Dean and I, have been friends for a long time and he knows me and has been following my music career since the beginning. I am so happy because I know this album will feature my raw, naturalistic feelings about music, it will focus on the heart and soul of it all, and it is going to be beautiful!! It will be a full-band project, featuring Chris Hopkins on Bass guitar, Rob Rose on Electric Guitar and Rob Milicevic on Drums, with a few other gems to be added as necessary.... nothing like my "Last minute Lindsay" ways... so yeah, you might hear strings, keys and brass as well... Today I just completed my first county song "Grip On You." Who knows if it makes it onto the album, but I will gauge it by how my audiences like it in the coming weeks, before heading into the studio. I have never played country before, and I'm not sure if it'll fit... time will tell, but I gotta say that I am digging it!! Here are the lyrics in the meantime... Yours is the name I have been calling

yours are the hands that I can hold

yours is the trust I have been building

yours are the eyes that I behold


& I've spent half of my life seeking

& all those other hours fooled

& when I cast my gaze upon yours,

seems those wasted hours led me to you


Nobody says that Love comes easy

nobody swears what it can do

it's more like a drug to drive you crazy

but I won't lose my grip on you


Yours is the smile that I get lost in

yours is the voice that calms my fear

yours is the Love in which I'm fallin'

yours is the song between my ears


Nobody says that Love comes easy

nobody swears what it can do

more like a drug to drive you crazy

but I won't lose my grip on you


You, you, you.... oooh oooh


I place my thoughts upon a train ride

a long haul bound the other way

been prayin' for my beating heart to guide

me from mistakes of yesterday


Nobody says that Love comes easy

nobody swears what it can do

more like a drug to drive you crazy

but i won't lose my grip on you

Hope you enjoy it when you hear it.... perhaps sooner than later??

Happy SPRING!!

Love Lindsay xo


Lindsay’s Top Ten Live Canadian Musical Performances of 2010 (in no particular order….)

The Juno Awards Gala I had the pleasure of being in St. John’s, Newfoundland during Juno week back in April. I was volunteering and had the fortune of being a “seat filler” during the awards gala where I got to sit with Glass Tiger and April Wine!! Michael Buble, The Great Lake Swimmers, Justin Bieber and Jully Black were all performers but I have to say, the highlight was singing along with a few thousand people to K’Naans “Wavin’ Flag.” The whole week was stellar and there was talent everywhere… what a magical city full of amazing artisitc creativity. Even with the fog and grey skies everyday, it is by far the most colourful place I have been to!!

Watters Brothers

These brothers sure can tear it up! Hailing from Ottawa Ontario, Muddy and Danny Watters, have an eclectic  sound of rock meets sweat meets funk meets Love. I have been to a few of their shows (even sharing the stage with them), however the best show to date in my mind, and one of my favourites of 2010, has to be back in May, when they were competing for 150 000 big ones as part of The Big Money Shot. The combined magic between these brothers makes you want to scream and shout and dance and scream and shout all over again.  Get ready to rock N rumble while out on the town listening to their music, they just released an album “Rock and Roll Mansion” which you should go out and find A.S.A.P.

The Beauties

The Beauties are one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE bands… If you ever have the chance to see them, I highly recommend it. The BEST venue for seeing their stellar-ness is in Toronto at “The Dakota Tavern.” They play on Sunday nights, and all the greats come out to see them, and sometimes join in on a song  or two; Kathleen Edwards, Justin Rutledge, Colin Cripps to name a few. The best drummer on the planet just happens to drum with them, and YES, that is a HUGE statement, considering I play with some amazingly awesome drummers, but Derek Downham is FIERCE. Not to mention their jams, they go someplace else entirely, somewhere dreamy, and have the unique ability to take ALL of us with them on their journey. I am sure they won’t be playing every Sunday night for long, as they have wild talent and will most definitely be playing the whole world soon.

Plants & Animals

Another HOT Canadian  band out of Montreal, Quebec. They too are going CRAZY big right now, and seeing them at Wakefield Quebec’s LEGENDARY Black Sheep Inn, is a priviledge I will not forget. It was a cold November night, my big brother Jeff’s birthday to be exact, and what a brilliant show. Warren, lead singer, has a voice that can kill. And he does “kill it” holy smokes. They are a trio who sound like a rock orchestra, and you REALLY have to listen to some of their sounds if you haven’t already. They tour the world and you may be lucky to catch them in a village or city near you!!

Flora Poste

Sweet soulful melancholy Flora Poste. A songstress hailing from Aylmer Quebec, now in Canada’s fabulous city of Montreal, is taking over stereos one note at a time. Flora Poste a.k.a Melissa Trottier, is a dear friend, whom I have been listening to alongside campfires and coffee tables for the past few years now. Only, in  2010 we saw the release of her first, her debut album “In the Open.” And I am incredibly thankful that she decided to share her sweet sounds with the world. I had the great honour of seeing her sing in Canada’s legendary “Juke Joint” The Black Sheep Inn, alongside the Gatineau River, in front of thick red velvet curtains…What a love-soul-filled vocal she possesses, and I do not speak lightly when speaking of vocals, let me tell ya!! So go on out, or stay at home and FIND Flora Poste, you will not be sorry!!

Kinnie Starr

This woman has a freedom on stage that comes from YEARS of experience. She rules the room and has attitude! She raps, she dances, she poetry slams, she’s coy, she’s playful, she is soulful and her lyrics, combined with melody and computer beats, speak to us all. A few years ago, I saw her play and wasn’t really here or there about it, but the CD came into my hands, and I played it over and over and over. A few years later, the CD is missing and out of sight out of mind, until this October, when I was in attendance at The OCFF (festival conference), there she was, on the roster to play. I was watching this tiger woman in a small hub of a hotel room, displaying her raw talent in a showcase room, the size of a closet and I was mesmorized. Phew. Amazing.

Brock Zeman

Brock Zeman is a genius song writer. He blows me away. A mix of Steve Earle meets Tom Waits, this Canadian Lanark Country artist, is a secret that needs to be shared with the world. As a song-writer myself, finding the lyrics doesn’t come easy,  Brock makes it look as easy as frying bacon in the pan. I had the pleasure of immersing myself into his sound in Perth Ontario at O’reilly’s Pub this past Autumn, and although we have shared shows in the past,  a whole new pile of inspiration was born into my life. Sometimes I go to his homepage, just to read his “story” songs… REALLY, go check him out. You too will be changed forever! Thanks Brock!!

Lily Frost

This woman is a fabulous songstress with the unique abillty to keep you entranced during her entire performance. I am not easily ridden with goosebumps, but she gives them to me, all over. Her voice is haunting and her show is full of beauty, wonder, sexiness and she even plays the Theramin!! She tours with her husband Jose, who is a subtle guitar genius, can I say that? His playing is so subtle and adds to her voice like honey to chamomile. I was at Wakefield’s reknownd Black Sheep Inn (once again!),  and listening to them perform in front of those pretty red velvet curtains and under a star lit sky by the River was a thriling evening of inspiration.

The Pathological Lovers

This is the HOTTEST new band out of St. John’s, Newfoundland, hands down. I Love the music that comes from that beautiful corner of the world, but there is something SO fine about these guys, they make you want to get up and dance the night away! Jody Richardson is a household name in these parts, and his lyrics combined with his swirling melodies have the “POW” and “WOW” factors. I had the pleasure of seeing The Lovers rock out at one of St. John’s’ finest (and dirtiest)  venues for live music, The Ship Pub, where it’s no problem to get hot and sweaty, letting loose until the wee hours. It’s a difficult thing to get off the Island, let alone getting a whole band off… so I can only PRAY that one day they will tour around Canada, but in the meantime, pick up one of their cd’s or download it… or if you want to see an AWESOME video,  google them, and check out “Best Served” and listen to the lyrics if you can.

Fish ‘N Bird

This is a band full of young’uns who are a total talent package. Coming from various parts of Canada, mostly B.C and now living in Toronto, this is a folk grass pop band that you WILL hear of sooner than later, of this I am sure. Being based out of Wakefield Quebec, I can see the best of the best in music at The Black Sheep Inn, which I may have mentioned earlier?? In any case, I had never heard of this blissful meets melancholic group,and was SO happy to walk into that room and hear their sounds. Fiddle meets stand up bass, meets TAYLOR ASHTON vocal-man-extra-ordinaire. Like GOOSE bump vocals… On top of it all, they have no ego, when their music is going to put them all on the map… Let’s hope the innocence prevails and they continue to thrive in their grassy rooty lovey dirty dark happy musical magical journey. Fish N Bird. Great band, GREAT name too.

Swiss Radio!

I am working on trying to get a 'podcast' from the Radio interview I did last night in Switzerland! It was pretty cool, having all my answers translated into 'Swiss German'. I only hope that some of the things I said didn't get lost in translation! What a thrill though, I absolutely Love this station "Radio 3fach" (pronounced 'dry-faug') Check out their music vibes at if you so desire, the station only hires those music Lovers 25yrs and under... so there is always new music to listen to, a refreshing sound altogether! Soon, I will be heading back to Canada-land, to play some shows, and get ready for 'Big Money Shot'. A music competition held in Ottawa Ontario, where the winner can win up to $250000!! What a rush, to think I could make a new album and pay off all my debts from the last one!! Ha! To dream is to live, I say!! There will definitely be more to come on THAT subject!! Just have to get the band super tight so we can thrill the judges out there! At the end of the month I am flying to Halifax for "In the Dead of Winter" festival... I can't wait! I have never been to Hali and it's sure to be an adventure what with all the piles & piles of snow (that I have managed to avoid thus far!!). I play on the 31st at "The Company House" and will have much fun checking out the other artists through the week, for more info go to and if you are on the East Coast, come check it out!!! Tomorrow night I will play my last show in Luzern for awhile, it's been an amazing trip, one filled with countless moments of inspiration, bread, cheese & chocolate!! I have many many new ideas for new songs, melodies waiting to be filled with lyrics... I've been a little empty of words lately, can you imagine??? Well, I am sure they will come in time for my new album... anyway, I play on Saturday night at "Penny Farthing Pub House" in Kriens... it's a 9:30pm start for those readers out there anywhere near this part of the world. Next Wednesday I am singing in Montreal, at Casa Del Popolo, with Joe Grass & Charlotte Cornfield, we will be doing the show a la "song circle" style, so come check it out if you are in THAT part of the world!! There are SO many places to play, to see, to feel... wow, the world is full of wonder, isn't it???? Okay, take care, and Live well. xox