time of year

Happy Holidaze....

Yes, it's that time of year. I Justt finished wrapping and will soon head out the door for a feast of Fondue Chinoise... I remember as wee one, sitting around the table with my family, having Fondue... what a treat... what great memories. Here, I will spend Christmas Eve with a beautiful family who I have graciously been taken in by, they make it a tradition to have this particular yumminess for dinner. Being in Switzerland for Christmas is a treat, but I will most certainly miss my Canadian family and friends...but life brings Love here too...tommorrow there is another feast, traditional Turkey dinner with all the trimmings! My good friend from Newfoundland is hosting a Lovely Turkey dinner for all the Ex-Pats, those folks, like me, who won't be spending the holidays with their families...It's going to be great!! Walking through the streets of Luzern is a wonderful experience there are a lot of streets that only footsteps and bicycles travel on, there is a certain amount of peace here... I would describe this city as Anti-Chaos. Everything has it's place, and there are certain rules here....i.e you can drink beer on the bus, but you can't mow the lawn on Sunday's. Strange but true!! The buses and trains are on time to the minute... and the place in general is very tidy... No Canadian chaos to be found... I like it but I miss home... Soon to be flying away though, back to Snow-Mageddon... I am NOT missing the slips and slides in the streets of  Canada-land... but I'll get back to it soon enough!! Thankfully I have a nice pair of Black Sorel boots waiting quietly in the closet for me and my toes...January will bring me home for a few days, then I will head to Halifax for the first time... I greatly look forward to getting back to the East coast... I like to spend as much time in that part of the world as I can...the people there really know how to Live. Friendliness isn't hard for them, and I think we could all learna thing or two from the Easterners... anyway,  have a super-fantabulous-excellently-amazing Holiday... Merry Merry... Lindsay xox

Cold Dark Days, YEAH for MUSIC!!

Is it me or is this time of year an energy sucker? All I want to do is lay curled up with a book or a dream, or a new CD. Speaking of new CD's, I went to a wonderful release party... my first introduction to Hugh's Room in Toronto. What a magical place... a "listen if you know what's good for you" type of place... and listen I did (and helped decorate too...) Tannis Slimmon!! What an amazing woman, in fact I couldn't possibly find the right word to describe her, I think I'd have to write a poem maybe... and thanks to these cold dark days, I'm just too darn tired to put pen to paper... though that will all have to change in the coming week, as it's CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK and I will have to be awake & alert for all the crazy days & nights that lay ahead. Anyhoo, life is beautiful, I mean I'm not really complaining, I just really look forward to the sunshine staying & the energy being re-fueled... ya know???