new cd

Cold Dark Days, YEAH for MUSIC!!

Is it me or is this time of year an energy sucker? All I want to do is lay curled up with a book or a dream, or a new CD. Speaking of new CD's, I went to a wonderful release party... my first introduction to Hugh's Room in Toronto. What a magical place... a "listen if you know what's good for you" type of place... and listen I did (and helped decorate too...) Tannis Slimmon!! What an amazing woman, in fact I couldn't possibly find the right word to describe her, I think I'd have to write a poem maybe... and thanks to these cold dark days, I'm just too darn tired to put pen to paper... though that will all have to change in the coming week, as it's CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK and I will have to be awake & alert for all the crazy days & nights that lay ahead. Anyhoo, life is beautiful, I mean I'm not really complaining, I just really look forward to the sunshine staying & the energy being re-fueled... ya know???

Lindsay Gigs "mini-tour"

Hey Folks!! I have a few shows coming up... Friday The 30th November "The Moonshine Cafe" in Oakville

Saturday The 1st of December "The Renaissance Cafe" Toronto

Sunday The 2nd of December "The Cornerstone Cafe" Guelph

Please come & hear some new songs & pick up my new CD "sound." It should be a great weekend for gigs, let's hope that the van stays in one piece on my travels!! Hope to see some of your smiling faces in the crowd!!!

Lindsay xox