What Does It All Mean

I awoke from another very vivid dream this morning. I was trying to navigate through a city I'd never been to, in hopes to get home. All of a sudden I came to a steep rock face that I had to climb and once I made it, I would be free and safe. In my real life, I have never rock climbed but had recently watched some parkour and somehow picked up the skill in my dream. I was pulling myself in a dance-like kind of way to the top, but that last bit of power I needed was lost to me. I saw a couple wandering free at the top and asked them if they would help me, they would not. I pleaded and begged, reaching out my hand in hopes they would see that all I needed was that last pull up, I was crying. I was just so close! Finally I somehow flipped my leg over, across the threshold, when I realized there was no way I was going to get the help I thought I so desperately needed. I lay there, holding on for my life, thinking about the big drop below. Somehow, I found that last bit of force left in me and got over that cliffs ledge. Then, I woke up. My face felt swollen from crying although there were no tears. I am not one to dig deep into the meaning of dreams but for sure, if ever I had a doubt, I must have a pretty sweet intensity within. Helping others is also good.

When I first came to Switzerland to play music I was staying in this closet-sized hotel room for two weeks. When I would stumble home, back to this tiny room late at night (after traipsing across the city of Luzern with my guitar slung across my back) I would flip on the television to the one channel that you didn't need to speak another language for... The music channel. There was this one video that was on repeat, and the song just won me over. Fast forward to this morning, and as I am brewing my coffee that particular song came on the radio and it brought me back to those memories from years ago, instantly. Like, I was right there. And that dream, I was right there climbing that rock. Then I was right there, exhausted lying in bed exhausted from climbing rock faces. But really, here I am, right now, sipping coffee, writing down random thoughts about what?

In musical news, I joined up with Periscope. So this means that I will be doing some live streaming, a few times a week. I have been fooling around with a new toy, a Harmony Pedal, gifted to me by my ever-supportive Mama. It has been super fun, there will be some experimenting with that, and other things. I might even, on occasion take you down to the kitchen and show you a few tricks I learned from working in the service industry for some of the best chefs on the planet.
Anyway, that is it for now. See you next Wednesday.  

Love, Lindsay xoxo