Road Tripping

Good morning from Revelstoke, British Columbia.

Even just writing that gives me a bit of a thrill. When I look out any window in this small bungalow, I see snow topped mountains. A refreshing view, though, it has been days of mountains. Once we rounded the bend towards Calgary from Winnipeg, the mountains popped out across the horizon, giving these road-trippers a slight glow! 

Traveling across Canada is definitely something I highly recommend to any and all Canadians. It seems we don't really take advantage of the great places we can go in our country, as most of the tour-trippers we come across are from somewhere else in this crazy world! Alas, it isn't for everyone I suppose and it's way easier to do when touring a new record. We are driving  a 1997 Toyota Tercel, believe it or not! She (White Perla) is running smoothly and is amazing on gas, so it's highly effective to travel this way, and I never get angry at gas station prices! Certainly a BIG bonus there. 

Four years ago, we headed out across this vast and gorgeous land, touring my second record "Monkey Under Stars" but somehow this trip seems more pleasurable. Not sure why that is, but the long drives don't feel so long. Dreaming out the windows about life and adventure seems easier this time around. We don't even have a working stereo! The antenna got stuck in its tube thing (sometimes a station pops through,) the tape player plays music in slow motion and there is no cd player! I never thought in a million years I could ever travel across Canada with no dependable musical source. But it's okay! Strangely enough.

I am learning a lot about my next tour, what to do, what not to do etc. I started booking this tour in January and still have not heard from some of the venues. One thing for sure is that you never know what things are around the corner. People say that you have to book a tour 6 months in advance (at least start booking it) but I am finding new and exciting gigs along the way, mere days or weeks before the actual gig so there really is no perfect formula. If you are reading this and have a bunch of fear and hesitation about booking your own tour, just go for it. Having a connection to Social Media is all you really need. Seeing where some of my musical compadres are playing helps in deciding where I might like to play. I have a HUGE list compiled of venues across Canada, hit me up if you want it :) I can't promise that everyone will respond and in some cases you have to send in the upwards of 5 to 10 messages to be heard, and some of the places we have stayed are less than mediocre, but this is the life of a touring musician and even what some songs are made of! One thing for SURE though, buy your own microphone. Luckily this time around I have stayed pretty healthy and I am sure it's because I am not lipping hundreds of random peoples bacteria from house mics. Yeah, they don't smell very good either... Invest in your own microphone :)

It's time to head out, get some fresh air and sunshine. It is a glorious Spring almost Summer day in the mountains of British Columbia! 

Lots more gigs coming up, check out the TOUR DATES section to see if you can make one?? 

Hugs from the road,

Lindsay xoxo