Victoria, Victoria

When I was just a twinkling star in the cosmos, my Great Grandparents lived on the shores of Victoria, British Columbia.

My Great Grandfather was a Doctor of Botany, moving to Canada from Germany (before atrocious WWII.) 

As I wandered through the streets with high winds circling my every step, I wondered if some of these streets would have seen any of my ancestors, with their round spectacles, leather buttoned shoes, flowing sleeves and the ocean's wind dancing in their hair?

I get nostalgic for the times before me, my head and heart fill with dreams and stories (some of which I turn into songs.)

My curiosity becomes me at the best of times and at the moment when I wonder about this wind, and our souls touching, I see a natural heart shape formed in the tree ahead of me, with an L + R carved in the middle, Roger is my husbands name, instantly I knew that I was on the perfect and correct path. A sign, perhaps an ancient Great Aunt pointed us in this direction somehow? I will never know and I will never stop dreaming.

This Cross-Canada tour is of epic proportions. I am in awe most of the time, this country of ours is one incredible place. Driving through, around, up and down highway 99 has been the best adventure yet. While we were in Revelstoke, we met two new friends, Katie & Brad. Brad, with the wild and long red beard and an (enormously beautiful personality) suggested to us we simply had to take the long road to the ferry, down the road with the best view, he was right. We stopped off to camp for the night in Marble Canyon (suggested by our Revelstoke hostess with the mostess, Amy Flexman, who just happens to run an outdoors adventure company called "Flexpeditions"

We had been hesitating on the right tent, looking in various stores for about a month, always going back to the same one in Canadian Tire. I mean, ALL of them are made in China, so how different can they really be, save for a hundred or so more bucks. Turns out when we finally decide to buy the tent we had been comparing to others for weeks, it is 25% off, which meant that we could buy the blow-up mattress and the pump all together for the same price as the original price of the tent. Sometimes procrastination pays off (or angels?)

We have met some incredible people along this journey and there is still SO much to see and do. It saddens me, at this time, to think of ever leaving the road and all it's wisdom, freedom and the new awakenings it brings. Today I am typing from Duncan, British Columbia, from the desk of the Grand-Daughter of the Great Grandfather of Flowers. They live in the trees and they have a frog pond right outside their living room window. Their garden is inspiring with all its berries, flowers and edible leaves. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Tonight I will sing some of my stories in a cozy venue called The Duncan Showroom. Last night I played in this old building with high ceilings, wood floors, brick walls and so much air for my voice to swirl around in. I like rooms like those. Tomorrow night I sing in a Pottery studio in Ladysmith (photos ops!) The next night we head over to Port Alberni, to Char's Landing, and then it is over to Lasqueti, Island for a few days. Lasqueti is an off-the-grid Island and one day, we dream to live off-grid, so it will be interesting to hold a concert there, among the nature of things. I will keep you posted (if not here, then over at my website There are more dates on this Record Release Tour, you can have a look on the Tour Dates section of this page. I will leave you now for a spell, I can hear a melody calling....