OCFF Conference, and Ron Sexsmith

What a ride life has been over the past few months. I'm afraid things are going to start calming down by November and this scares me. I suppose things do die down during the darker and colder months, but I like to keep  things rolling. I don't have to think as much when the river is flowing!! The past weekend was superb. I got to hang out (and open for!!) Ron Sexsmith and his band. Let me tell you how small this world is...years ago, when I recorded my first demo, I had a stellar drummer, who is now drumming with Ron. Way to go Cam!! Ron is a funny guy by the way, and has a pretty cool posse that gets to travel the musical road with him. Meaghan Smith also shared the show and she is one heck of a singer. Her music has a very classic style to it, one that I could listen to for hours on end! I still have to shake my head every once in awhile when I think about how lucky I am to be part of this amazing musical world. Next weekend is the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals Conference. It's basically a music festival for the music industry across Canada and many people come from the States and Europe aswell. It's a weekend featuring performances and day-long conferences. The music starts on Thursday and doesn't really stop until Sunday. I am hosting a "Guerilla Showcase" which is a concert that takes place over two nights, both Friday and Saturday, featuring twenty performers, all from the Ottawa area. It was a blast to create, and the talent I lined up is STELLAR!!! People such as Jim Bryson, Lynn Miles, Kellylee Evans, Shawn Tavenier and Kyrie Kristmanson to name a few.  All that said however, I have no idea how Festival Directors can organize a whole festival of music and stil keep their hair!!! I'll write more about the conference next week... though I can't promise I won't be tired!! The one thing lacking at this type of thing is SLEEP!!! Until next time.... Lindsay xo