OCFF Dreaming...

It's amazing, what a body can do with no sleep. I am quite surprised at how well my voice held out with all the singing over the past weekend. Singing in the doorway, hallway, staircase, elevators, shower singing, mic singing, harmonies too...not to mention banjos, pedal steel, violin's, drums, upright bass, electric one's, guitars, mandolins, melodions, keyboards, computers too all together jamming having fun one two!!! Sounds a bit overwhelming and it was, especially with only a few hours sleep over a four day period. It's the Ontario Council of Folk Festival Conference and happens once a year, featuring musicians and industry people from all over Canada... and some state-siders too... conferences all day and music all night ( & into the sunshine!) I hosted an "All Ottawa Showcase Room" and it went over smashingly. The room was packed solid for two nights (mornings!) in a row. Thank you thank you thank you Ottawa for having such a talented amount of people. I am glad to be a part of it sometimes. What a blast. After such a weekend, I feel totally re-generated. After all the time I spend on the computer, alone, trying to get gigs, organize gigs, search for this that and the other, it can get a bit tiresome and lonely, but after attending a conference such as this, it makes me realize that I am doing it all for the right reason and that every second of sweat and tears is worth it in the long run. Thanking you....Lindsay xox

OCFF Conference, and Ron Sexsmith

What a ride life has been over the past few months. I'm afraid things are going to start calming down by November and this scares me. I suppose things do die down during the darker and colder months, but I like to keep  things rolling. I don't have to think as much when the river is flowing!! The past weekend was superb. I got to hang out (and open for!!) Ron Sexsmith and his band. Let me tell you how small this world is...years ago, when I recorded my first demo, I had a stellar drummer, who is now drumming with Ron. Way to go Cam!! Ron is a funny guy by the way, and has a pretty cool posse that gets to travel the musical road with him. Meaghan Smith also shared the show and she is one heck of a singer. Her music has a very classic style to it, one that I could listen to for hours on end! I still have to shake my head every once in awhile when I think about how lucky I am to be part of this amazing musical world. Next weekend is the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals Conference. It's basically a music festival for the music industry across Canada and many people come from the States and Europe aswell. It's a weekend featuring performances and day-long conferences. The music starts on Thursday and doesn't really stop until Sunday. I am hosting a "Guerilla Showcase" which is a concert that takes place over two nights, both Friday and Saturday, featuring twenty performers, all from the Ottawa area. It was a blast to create, and the talent I lined up is STELLAR!!! People such as Jim Bryson, Lynn Miles, Kellylee Evans, Shawn Tavenier and Kyrie Kristmanson to name a few.  All that said however, I have no idea how Festival Directors can organize a whole festival of music and stil keep their hair!!! I'll write more about the conference next week... though I can't promise I won't be tired!! The one thing lacking at this type of thing is SLEEP!!! Until next time.... Lindsay xo